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Verb Tense
I have asked this question before but cannot find it among the myriad of answers. So, please excuse my asking ...
was-were 0 votes, asked Jun 08 by Jerry B
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Was or were?
Should it be, her family WERE murdered? or her family WAS murdered?
was-were 0 votes, asked Apr 27 by pommage
1 answer
Should I use was or were?
Should I use was or were in the following question? The following informations about this item was contributed by Mr.X: ...
was were was-were 0 votes, asked Apr 25 by Queen Sarah
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I want to know if I should use WAS or WERE in the following sentence
We did our research, Coca Cola "was" very competitive on price. Should I use WAS or WERE
was-were +1 vote, asked Dec 30 '15 by Udara Uragoda
4 answers
was vs were
Asking a hypothetical question, which is correct- What if life was better than snooze? What if life were better than ...
hypothethical was-were +1 vote, asked Oct 10 '15 by Justin Lafazan
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Agreement of Verb with the Subject
Once I had the opportunity to witness the warm welcome that the two American ministers ____________ (was/were)given in Paris.
was-were 0 votes, asked May 08 '15 by Suchetana Sen
3 answers
"If I were you,"
Is it: If I were you and I was interupted like that, I would say something about it. or If ...
if-conditional if were was-were 0 votes, asked Aug 17 '14 by Kat night
4 answers
is/are was/were British American English
I have noticed a rise in the use of the more-British is/are, was/were here in the States. Particularly by broadcasters. ...
is-are was-were british-american globalization +1 vote, asked Jun 01 '13 by SLPDeb
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