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Should I use "has" or "have" ??
This is confirmation that the terms and conditions for Jordan (has/have) been received.
have vs Has 0 votes, asked Aug 15 by Carolyn
3 answers
Effect vs Affect
Is it effect or affect? When or when not?
effect affect vs when 0 votes, asked Jun 17 by Rachel M
3 answers
I knew vs I had known
Below is a question posed by one of my students - I can't seem to find an answer in Cambridge ...
simple-past vs past-perfect know +1 vote, asked May 03 by Matt
1 answer
Adjectives vs Adverbs
I have come across the following grammatical structure a few times: It is adverbs vs adjectives: Bring it back safe ...
adjectives vs adverbs +1 vote, asked Jan 25 by Parsley
0 answers
Word Choice
What is the difference between the words "effect" and "affect" and how they are used in a sentence?
effect vs affect +1 vote, asked Dec 31 '15 by Melany Guamun
1 answer
Then vs. than...
I understand that 'then' is about time and 'than' is about comparison. So if I wanted to say: "Well than/then." ...
than then vs comparison TIME 0 votes, asked Dec 29 '14 by Catrin
0 answers
In pursuit of vs. In the pursuit of
Is it grammatically correct to say... Each week is an experience in the pursuit of the straberries. OR Each week ...
pursuit in vs the 0 votes, asked Oct 17 '14 by G
1 answer
Share vs Share In
I am currently writing my wedding invitations and unsure about the grammar in one sentence. The portion of the sentence ...
vs wedding sentence-fragment grammar 0 votes, asked Oct 15 '14 by Clare
2 answers
Word usage
Should I use "I shall not flag or fail" or "I will not flag or fail" ?
Word-choice Shall will vs nor 0 votes, asked May 21 '14 by fuzzyllama524
1 answer
before or till
In the following sentence: It was more than a month before I realised what had happened. Why would it be ...
BEFORE vs till 0 votes, asked May 08 '14 by Robert Anthony
2 answers
Will Be vs. Would Be
What is the correct way to phrase the following sentence: 1) I recently found out that I will be working ...
will vs would be 0 votes, asked Jun 19 '13 by Louis P
4 answers
me / I
I have a friend who is a teacher... she believes the following sentence is correct: My parents gave that game ...
Me vs I 0 votes, asked May 30 '13 by Eric
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