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Compound verb, complex predicate
In the sentence "The men rushed to clean up the blood," which part is the complex predicate? Is it, 'rushed ...
compound verb complex predicate 0 votes, asked Jul 05 by --
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is this correct?
Being a German mastering the English language and having to read specialist literature in both languages for business reasons, it ...
verb syntax 0 votes, asked Jun 28 by LiSa Zumpf
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Why Past Simple and not Past Continuous in this example?
Hello. English is my second language and there's still things I get confused about. Things I understand, but can't exactly ...
past verb tenses continous +1 vote, asked Jun 24 by Alex
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Parts of speech of blasts in "Watch Arnab Goswami blasts at the MLA for abusing a female reporter".
I want to find the Parts of speech of 'blasts' in the sentence "Watch Arnab Goswami blasts at the MLA ...
parts of speech noun verb 0 votes, asked Jun 07 by Naveen
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What is the correct verb form.
Are the following sentences correctly written? "If you or someone close to you has suffered the effects" "If you or ...
verb conjugation +1 vote, asked Jun 06 by vio
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Noun or verb?
"Further study is needed to..." Is the word study in this case a verb or noun?
study noun verb 0 votes, asked Jun 02 by Nessie
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Cans vs Can
I have been writing on microsoft word, and the word-checker suggested to me to use the word "cans" instead of ...
can verb cans microsoft Word 0 votes, asked May 31 by Theo Lincke
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Should this list be followed by a plural or singular verb?
I began the closing paragraph of a cover letter with the following sentence:I believe my commitment to excellent service, my ...
verb plural singular list 0 votes, asked May 26 by Amy Reich-Frase
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relative noun verb agreement
[The Egyptians built the pyramids out of giant stone blocks that weight several thousand kilograms each.] weight or weights, which ...
relative pronoun subject verb aggreement 0 votes, asked May 23 by jerry pan
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The verb
What's the voice of the verb in the following sentence?Water will freeze in zero degrees centigrade.I'm not sure if it's ...
verb voice 0 votes, asked May 11 by weronikah96
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Which verb?
From this Union was born John and Tony OR were born John and Tony????
subject verb agreement +1 vote, asked May 06 by Nancy Sasgen
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Grammar/ Transitive and Intransitive verb
Hello! Please help me find why is the verb used in the following sentence used Transitively? These are the few ...
verb transitive 0 votes, asked May 04 by Ankur Aggarwal
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What is the correct one
Is your father a teacher or Are your father a teacher
verb noun 0 votes, asked Apr 30 by Ankit Jain
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Participle or Gerund or Verb??
In the sentence 'He is always demanding to have his own way.', is "demanding" a participle or gerund or verb??
gerund participle verb Verbal 0 votes, asked Apr 25 by Haydon
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Present Perfect Tense - Determine Usage Case
Present Perfect has two usage case: Case A: Say that an action happened at an unspecified time before now. Case ...
verb tenses perfect 0 votes, asked Apr 24 by Jack
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Meaning of "river" as a verb
Does have "river" a meaning of "flowing" as a verb? Thanks in advance.
verb river meaning 0 votes, asked Apr 13 by silver
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Struggling with identifying these in the following sentences. Would like to make sure I am on the right track. Some ...
subject verb object phrases grammar 0 votes, asked Mar 28 by Shane
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Linking verbs
Can has and have be linking verbs?
Has linking verb +1 vote, asked Mar 27 by tamar bernstein
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Is "Not so" a sentence?
Hi. I'm in the legal profession. It's relatively common in legal writing to encounter the phrase "Not so" used as ...
Sentence subject verb not so +1 vote, asked Feb 16 by Ben Burkett
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Nothing. But truth is immortal In above sentence. Why 'is'is used as verb
verb +1 vote, asked Feb 16 by amit
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'Liveaboard dive boat’ will make you motivate to explore more islands. is it correct or not?
will make following verb +2 votes, asked Feb 07 by Wasim Firoz
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Are the following sentences in subjunctive mood? I requested that she approve my submission. My teacher requested that I arrive ...
subjunctive verb +1 vote, asked Feb 03 by Amy
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Would you please tell me why it is wrong to use *earning* here. Helen became the first deaf)blind person earning ...
n to verb +1 vote, asked Feb 01 by casamialin
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What kinds of verbs are these?
My sentence is, "I will be having fun." Will would be a helping verb right? Be? What would be be? ...
verb will be having 0 votes, asked Jan 29 by ateam
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To hold
A discussion ends with this general coclusion: Anyone who think *something* is true, holds the same proofs/evidences than others who ...
Sentence grammar verb +1 vote, asked Jan 16 by Andrew
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please tell me how "known' is a transitive verb
Why is "known" a transitive verb in the sentence, "William Blake is best known for two poems, "The Tyger" and ...
known transitive verb 0 votes, asked Jan 05 by Mark Galpin
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Transitive or Intransitive
Is the following sentence grammatically correct? Bananas are the easiest to peel. I have used the verb 'peel' intransitively, but ...
verb intransitive transitive +1 vote, asked Dec 25 '15 by Abdul Quadir
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Should this sentence use "is" or "are" as the verb?
Please explain if you know the answer. I know there are numerous alternatives, but I am trying to understand this ...
grammar verb plural is are 0 votes, asked Dec 07 '15 by Tyler
2 answers
Outdanced or Out danced
Hello! I have a question about the word "outdanced"--as in, "he outdanced everyone else at the prom" or "I will ...
verb correct two words outdance 0 votes, asked Nov 28 '15 by meaganearthur
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The usage of the word "ever" with simple present and past, and present perfect
Hello. I was wondering what's the difference between these 3 structures: 1) Have you ever...? 2) Did you ever...? (ex: ...
Ever with different verb tenses +1 vote, asked Nov 13 '15 by Priscila Bello
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