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Plural or singular verb and pronoun used after a compound subject defined by 'each'
This sentence confuses me. Each boy and each girl (take or takes) (their or his/her) turn at the game.
use of each 0 votes, asked Oct 18 by noexpert
1 answer
Using 'you' when speaking to a group.
Say, someone (Mac) is speaking to a group of people, 3 or more we will say, and he says: "To ...
you group use proper those 0 votes, asked Jul 27 by Khova
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What is the meaning of "would", and How They have been used use in following sentences
What's the meaning of "would" in the following sentences : 1.most people wouldn't use the brackets in sentences unless they ...
meaning useage use modal 0 votes, edited Jun 04 by unique
1 answer
Agreeing and disagreeing
Agreeing and disagreeing can I say '' I wouldn't agree with you" instead of saying '' I don't agree with ...
meaning use useage Differences 0 votes, asked Jun 03 by unique
1 answer
grammarly ap
I have downloaded the grammarly for windows app twice, but I cannot find it. Where is it so I can ...
app DOWNLOAD location use 0 votes, asked May 03 by Lisle S. Mitchell
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modal meaning of would
What is the meaning of 'would ' in the following sentences? I have tryed to give my understanding of these ...
would use meaning modal 0 votes, asked Apr 26 by unique
2 answers
use of historic or historical
Which sentnce is correct? The car is parked beside the historic post office. The car is parked beside the historical ...
correct use of the Word +1 vote, asked Mar 25 by Pam
1 answer
Proper use of apostrophe
I need correct advice on a particular use of the apostrophe. Which is correct: ...."25 years experience" or "25 years' ...
use of apostrophe +1 vote, asked Jan 29 by Paul Perkinz
1 answer
Into or to
What is more suitable to say or use; in case you leave earth to ir into an icy planet
into to say use +1 vote, asked Dec 07 '15 by Maram
1 answer
Use of the word Encounter or Encountered
Is is acceptable to use the word "Encountered" in the following manner? "We were encountered by a dolphin." Or would ...
tense tenses use Usage 0 votes, asked Jul 16 '15 by Jennie
1 answer
use of in on of
What is the correct way of writing below. Trainer of Sales Skills? Trainer in Sales Skills? Trainer on Sales Skills?
use of in on 0 votes, asked Jul 10 '15 by Ranawaka
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Use of "years" and "experience"
Which is grammatically correct..."20 years experience managing..." or "20 years OF experience managing..."?
use of years and experience 0 votes, asked Jun 13 '15 by Wesley Hamilton
1 answer
'of English Grammar' or 'of the English Grammar'
Hi, I am strugling with this problem. Is it (a) or (b)? a) The Emergence of the English Grammar b) ...
article use 0 votes, asked Apr 20 '15 by Martin
1 answer
Whether these sentences are right or not?
Please check the following sentences and let me know why in the first sentence singular verb has been used and ...
verb use 0 votes, asked Oct 18 '14 by Abhishek
1 answer
Proper use of commas
A client sent me the following copy to be used in a brochure: "All sponsorships are exclusive, unless otherwise stated ...
proper use of commas 0 votes, asked Sep 18 '14 by Jake
2 answers
Simple Sentence Help 'its' versus 'ours'
Is this a proper statement? " is pleased to submit our Qualifications for....." Should the word 'its' be used ...
Sentence Word use 0 votes, asked Sep 11 '14 by Sierra
1 answer
The use of feel
One I'd like to point out i'm horrible at grammar and words but, I am trying. I was wondering if ...
feel wrong right use 0 votes, asked Jun 21 '14 by Tamara
1 answer
Bring or take?
Should I say 'Bring your things back home' or 'Take your things back home' talking to someone who, in that ...
bring take Verbs correct use 0 votes, asked May 13 '14 by Manuela
2 answers
Use of article "the"
I would like to know your opinions regarding the use of an article in the following sencence: On a monthly ...
article the use of 0 votes, asked Aug 29 '13 by cdz28
1 answer
How do you use WHOM?
Ok, so I asked a question about whom before because I thought it was just super old English and someone ...
who whom use 0 votes, asked Aug 28 '13 by Lina Newbride
1 answer
enumerating family members
I am in Hawaii with mum and dad and brother. We're sitting on the chair near the beach. Water is ...
use My or not 0 votes, asked Jan 30 '13 by ana m
2 answers
use vs. usage
Do you distinguish between use and usage? If a writer were using usage simply to mean "use," would you correct ...
use Usage +3 votes, asked Dec 19 '12 by David
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