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Correct usage of conditional tenses
Please elaborate which of the statements below represents the correct usage of conditional past tense in bold. Are both statements ...
grammar sentence-correction sentence-structure Usage +1 vote, asked Oct 08 by Alaka
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Usage, word choice
I was translating a letter from Turkish to English. I am not sure that the sentence have meaning in English ...
Usage Word Word-choice meaning Literally 0 votes, asked Oct 07 by Mehmet
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Not sure if I can get away without using 'the' here
Hey, everyone! I came up with the name for my game: "Pagans in nightmare"; I am not sure, thought, can ...
article Usage +1 vote, asked Sep 24 by Konstantin Gorskov
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Fan Favourite or Fan's Favourite ?
Hi everyone. So, I saw 'Fan Favourite' named as a title of a playlist and I was thinking that the ...
grammar apostrophe Difference Usage +1 vote, edited Aug 26 by Lily
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Apostrophe usage
which one is correct? student's understanding level OR students understanding level
apostrophe Usage 0 votes, asked Aug 23 by Hurmat Asad
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Is "recorded timely" good grammar?
Is the phrase "recorded timely" good english grammar? Here's an example of the usage in a sentence: "All transactions should ...
Adverb grammar Usage 0 votes, asked Aug 04 by Dave W.
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What is the difference between MAY and MIGHT ?
Please give me some examples when... ''might'' as a noun it means strength or power. ''may'' can also express hope. ...
may might Word Usage grammar 0 votes, asked Jul 26 by Lily
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Usage of "*" and apostrophes when writing
Hi there, I've lived in four countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Germany. They use different writing mechanisms and I'd be ...
writing Usage apostrophe 0 votes, asked Jun 02 by Gaspar Masihy
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Final destiny vs final destination
Dear community, I am not a native English speaker, but I spent the last six years in the U.S. studying. ...
Usage 0 votes, asked May 05 by Patricia M Alexandre
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Uncertainty in the use of "done under"
Hi there! I have a problem on the use of "done under". Is it right to use it like "made ...
done under Usage HELPME 0 votes, asked May 02 by Erick Luckiest
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Usage of the word "Accrue"
I've a doubt in the usage of the word "accrue". What does the below statements mean? Privilege Leaves will accrue ...
accrue Usage usages 0 votes, asked Apr 22 by Venkatesan Durairaj
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about sentence changing
Hi In your opinion, how could I write the following sentence better? It's so important for me, but I have ...
Usage 0 votes, asked Apr 13 by mo_ba
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"Had gone" vs. "went"?
Which of these is correct? He had given me an extra key before he went on vacation so that I ...
past-perfect simple-past had Usage 0 votes, asked Apr 12 by Heidi
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about grammar and usage
which preposition can be used in the following sentence? in general, can the sentence be written in a better way?Remanufacturing ...
Usage 0 votes, asked Apr 11 by mo_ba
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Help me understand and use “would ” word in the under circumstances ( in IELTS Book)
Examiner : describer a place you have visited in the past Test taker :......bla bla.... When I was student. I ...
meaning Usage +2 votes, asked Feb 29 by Hùng Mạnh
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Question about comma usage in a sentence.
Sentence in question: "While Madonna was one of the first to use her sexuality to help sell her music, Britney ...
comma Sentence Usage while help 0 votes, asked Feb 22 by Max Fields
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push against or towards something?
If it is physical, for example, ''I'm pushing my hands towards the floor'' (I mean that I'm doing a force ...
Word Usage Differences +1 vote, asked Feb 02 by Lily
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Quick Comma Usage Question
I was editing an essay I wrote and came across a sentence where I was not sure whether or not ...
comma grammar Usage commaplacement +1 vote, asked Jan 31 by Jordan
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Article critique/ Reducing the fear of falling among elderly
I need to have my critique of an article for my class checked for grammr, usage, spelling, punctuation, word choice, ...
grammar Usage punctuation spelling Word 0 votes, asked Jan 28 by Cathleen Munoz
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Using "were vs was" with two nouns following each other in a sentence.
Can someone make me understand the right usage with "were vs was" in the follwoing sentence. ex: "paper and cardboard ...
were was grammar sentance Usage +1 vote, asked Jan 02 by Mkod
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is/are usage
I have acquired an array of woodworking skills that [is/are] not just for furniture design.
Usage is-are 0 votes, asked Dec 20 '15 by Chelsea
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"What does it matter?"
"What does it matter?"Is this question grammatically correct? Or is it neccessary to replace "what" with "why" or "how" in ...
matter is-my-sentence-correct Usage +1 vote, asked Dec 19 '15 by Kanika Kalra
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Sentence is correct or not
Hi Need to know if this phrase is correct or not - 'the question doesn't dignify my answer' ?
Usage grammar Phrase Sentence correct 0 votes, asked Dec 08 '15 by Abdul Khan
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Tortured syntax...but Grammarly thought it was A-ok?
A nonprofit client recently wrote this in a letter to supporters to invite them to save the date for a ...
syntax Usage Structure 0 votes, asked Nov 29 '15 by Barbara McM
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How do you use the word "ability"?
A line in Eric Foner's Give Me Liberty, it reads "[Other slave owners'] interest was generally limited to the children's ...
Pluaral singular Usage confusion 0 votes, asked Nov 08 '15 by Azhou
1 answer
professional email
Hello R, Thank you for taking the time to test me on October 1, 2015. It was a pleasure to ...
grammar Usage punctuation wordchoice +1 vote, asked Oct 06 '15 by denise
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Is this the correct usage of a colon?
Is this correct? The one word that infuriates, terrifies, and confuses humans even today: change.
grammar grammarcorrection colon Usage 0 votes, asked Oct 05 '15 by Austin
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Question about subjunctive usage.
Why does this sentence sound so awkward? She is adamant that he do it. After much debate and research we ...
grammar Sentence subjunctive Usage 0 votes, asked Sep 17 '15 by Ray Williams
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Use of prescribes to
Is the word "prescribes" used appropriately here? He prescribes to the highest ethics and principles, and has won the admiration ...
Usage +1 vote, asked Aug 18 '15 by Anita
1 answer
To know exactly
Why is the word haircut, haircut? Why isn't it hairscut?
Usage 0 votes, asked Aug 12 '15 by Diana
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