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When to use 'to begin with'
When is it proper to use 'to begin with'?. Can you give me some examples of correct use in a ...
to begin with +1 vote, asked Oct 19 by Edward L Humphries
1 answer
Can 'to infinitive as adjective' modify person?
Hello, substitute teacher here. we're on a huge bet. can to-infinitive modify person in this specific way? original sentence - ...
to Infinitive 0 votes, asked Oct 07 by gtrock
1 answer
Them and those
How do I explain to a 9yr old child why " them people" is incorrect but that "those people" is ...
Explaining grammar to children +1 vote, asked Oct 03 by Majick
0 answers
Hi! I need an explanation about the use of the structure BE USED TO. I've always thought that in English ...
be used to 0 votes, asked Sep 16 by leonardo baiocco
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Sentence construction?
Hello. 'I very much want to go to school in Virginia.' Is this construction correct? If so, does it have ...
Very much want to 0 votes, asked Aug 23 by noexpert
1 answer
convert from active voice to passive voice
I am afraid someone has broken into the office again.
active to passive 0 votes, asked Jul 24 by pardha
4 answers
Using correct preposition
Which one of the following sentences is correct? 1. I have been in Greece several times. 2. I have been ...
Prepositions in to have Been 0 votes, asked Jul 18 by Eugenia Kosutzka
1 answer
fill in tge blanks
The railway have ............. Crossing the track a punished ofence
to 0 votes, asked Jul 18 by Nalini Ranjan Pandey
1 answer
Active to Passive Help
Type N/A if not possible 1.)Children read storybooks every night.2.)The director creates a project to showcase the talents of the ...
active to passive voice Thanks 0 votes, asked Jul 11 by Ay Cat
0 answers
be to + noun
Is it correct to say "If tht will be to your satisfaction~"? What does 'be to' mean?
be to 0 votes, asked Jun 20 by Yeonsu Choi
1 answer
Convert into question
The inspection is over.
Converet to question 0 votes, asked Jun 14 by Vishal Pawar
5 answers
Difference between realated to and related with
What are the different circumstances under which we use related to and related with?
to 0 votes, asked May 07 by Shrijith
3 answers
"Of" or "To"
I was writing this sentence and couln't decide which is right: "of the Prophet" or "to the Prophet?" They believed ...
of to of-vs-to grammar 0 votes, edited May 06 by Teagan K.
3 answers
Which sentence is gramatically correct (British English)?
Hi, I have a dilemma. "We are supposed to go to the mountains" "We are supposed to go in the ...
Prepositions british to in mountains 0 votes, asked May 02 by liz_kordulova
1 answer
Passive to active voice.
Good day, I need help changing the following sentence from passive to active voice: 1. Testimony was heard from the ...
passive to active passive-voice 0 votes, asked Apr 28 by Henry Strauss
2 answers
to tango
"It takes two people to tango.""To tango" is a verb phrase.But as what does it function? As an adverb or ...
to tango +1 vote, asked Apr 27 by Emma
3 answers
When is it necessary to place "to" in between two verbs?
Hi! I'm having a hard time figuring out which sentence is grammatically incorrect. Or are both sentences acceptable? A: "Exercise ...
to 0 votes, asked Mar 24 by Jennifer
4 answers
Active and Passive sentences
How can i change this sentence from passive to active? Please be advised that nothing other than a trash bag ...
passive to active voice 0 votes, asked Mar 21 by brooke
0 answers
The use of "to" vs "of"
Is it correct to say "a strong commitment of" or should it be "a strong commitment to"?
of to +1 vote, asked Feb 04 by Patti-Ann Barry
1 answer
Would you please tell me why it is wrong to use *earning* here. Helen became the first deaf)blind person earning ...
n to verb +1 vote, asked Feb 01 by casamialin
1 answer
He was persecuted time and again until his last choice was to escape.
I need to turn this into an Active voice instead of passive. How to do that?
passive to active-voice +1 vote, asked Dec 13 '15 by Mashiyath Zaman
1 answer
Active voice to passive voice
1.He did not write the exam well and did not get pass. 2.The thief broke open the almaraha and he ...
active voice to passive-voice +1 vote, asked Dec 08 '15 by Thanappan.P
1 answer
Into or to
What is more suitable to say or use; in case you leave earth to ir into an icy planet
into to say use +1 vote, asked Dec 07 '15 by Maram
0 answers
connecting artists "to" the world or "with" the world?
It's a slogan. Which form is correct? Also, does world need a "the"? Thanks, Amir
to with 0 votes, asked Oct 30 '15 by amir
2 answers
Use of 'From and to '
The company made everything from computers to cameras to microwaves to cars. or The company made everything from computers to ...
from and to 0 votes, asked Oct 20 '15 by Ian Marshall
1 answer
Will vs going to
A movie just came out today. And I want to ask a question to someone about releasing. Should I say ...
will going to grammar 0 votes, asked Sep 06 '15 by ozg
1 answer
Correct wedding invitation wording - to or with?
Mr. and Mrs. X request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter X TO OR WITH ...
wedding Invite correct to with 0 votes, asked Aug 11 '15 by Mixedpoem
2 answers
Ing or to
My question is: I am smoking and the phone calls. I stop reading. And then i answer the phone. How ...
ing to +1 vote, asked Jul 07 '15 by Willhaet
1 answer
The right usage of "to"
Dear friends, I have a question like that. I would like to know which version is correct "To participants were ...
to given preposition 0 votes, asked Jun 20 '15 by Lesman Ghazaryan
0 answers
Using "spoke to"
Is it correct to use "spoke to " when describing a topic? As in: "He spoke to the need for ...
spoke to 0 votes, asked Jun 15 '15 by naran burchinow
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