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Italicization with shortened titles
Should shortened forms of publication titles be italicized? Example: "I read The Washington Post every day. My favorite section in ...
Titles pulications italics +1 vote, asked Sep 25 by kim Baer
1 answer
Use of hyphenated words in a title
Should the second part of a hyphenated word within a title be capitalized? A Well-balanced Meal or A Well-Balanced Meal
Titles hyphenated 0 votes, asked Aug 26 by Eileen Rankin
1 answer
Capitalization for a title "Prince"
Which is correct: "Oh, my little Prince has come to visit me!" his father said. "Oh, my little prince has ...
Titles honorifics capitalization proper nouns 0 votes, asked Aug 06 by J
1 answer
Using/not using 'the' for job titles
Hi, When we talk about someone's job title we can say 'She's the head of finance' and 'She's head of ...
definite-article Titles +1 vote, asked Jan 25 by tokyomojoe
2 answers
Titles of names
Living in the south, I was raised to call say Mrs. Mary Smith, Mrs. Smith. If she said to call ...
first Name Titles 0 votes, asked Jul 26 '15 by Abby Bates
0 answers
A problem with book/essay titles
I'm having a hard time deciding what should and shouldn't be capitalized in this title. I'm writing an essay for ...
capitalization Titles 0 votes, asked Jun 19 '15 by Morgan
0 answers
Capitalizing titles
"I bestow upon you the title of chevalier." vs. "I bestow upon you the title of Chevalier." When a name ...
capitalization title-naming Titles title +1 vote, asked May 24 '15 by Duke
2 answers
When speaking to a member of the military in text, do you have to capitalize their rank? Examples: "Yes, lance ...
Titles capitalization 0 votes, edited Mar 09 '15 by Roy van Bragt
0 answers
Should a title within a title be formatted differently?
If I have a formatted title that happens to contain the title of something else, should that inner title be ...
Titles formatting -1 votes, asked Oct 09 '13 by Ryan Williams
1 answer
Capitalization of fictional names
Hi If I have a place named 'the Academy of Nyrune', and refer to it as simply 'the Academy', is ...
capitalization Titles 0 votes, asked Oct 07 '13 by Julian Saheed
0 answers
Punctuation when writing about a smartphone app
In school we are doing a project where we "make" our own apps that would have been useful during specific ...
Titles applications Apple 0 votes, edited May 11 '13 by Nicole
2 answers
Commas around title
When writing a title of a dignitary with his name, should I use commas around the title?
commas Around Titles Dignitary 0 votes, asked Apr 07 '13 by PiusD
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