Questions tagged with them

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Both of them...
Is it correct to say, "Both of them went to the movies"? Them is an object pronoun and so shouldn't ...
subject object they Them both 0 votes, asked Jan 27 by Jenny
1 answer
correcting bad gammar in a southern adult
Need a good way to correct a southern adult who will say as an example: " Look at them boys." ...
Them those 0 votes, asked Aug 14 '14 by Bill Buckman Sr
1 answer
at them being selected or they being selected
This always confuses me. Which is the right form of usage- " I am upset at them being selected for ...
at Them being 0 votes, asked Nov 26 '12 by Rajitha
1 answer
Them and I will be
Would you change "Them and I will be" for the pronoun to "We will be"?
Them and I or WE 0 votes, asked Apr 20 '12 by Dawn
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