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Humanity likes its or their...
Help!! I'm getting different answers from different people. 1) Humanity likes its technology, or humanity likes their technology? 2) Mankind ...
humanity mankind its their +1 vote, asked Oct 01 by TC
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his vs their
Each student must bring thier books is correct or it should be each student must bring his books.
his their each subject-verb +1 vote, asked Feb 11 by Deepak Kushwaha
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"Her" or "Their"?
Here's my text: "One day, two sisters walked into the closet and found it folded neatly on a shelf. They ...
grammar her their pronouns +2 votes, asked May 20 '15 by Marcus French
1 answer
What do these "their" s refer to ?
Please look at the reading below; It has been constantly repeated that the sociologist should abstain from judging the human ...
southkoreanteachers ebs their reference 0 votes, asked Apr 25 '15 by kimsungtae
1 answer
Its vs Their(s)
Please help me with this: The book has lost ITS jacket. The bookS have lost ITS/THEIR/THEIRS jackets? Thanks a ...
its their 0 votes, asked Mar 30 '15 by ddddd
3 answers
They're = Their?
What means they’re. No also is in my dictionary español-inglés. Is this same means their? I read in my book ...
there theyre their 0 votes, asked Aug 30 '13 by Bonita
1 answer
Their /There
This has got to be one of the hardest questions ever! Usually when I want to know if something is ...
theirself there their 0 votes, asked Aug 30 '13 by Lina Newbride
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