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Ambiguous modifier to list
A friend wrote: "Instead of sitting on his butt, Kaepernick should be out making charitable donations, peacefully protesting, and becoming ...
grammar syntax ambiguity 0 votes, asked Aug 30 by Jason Brohm
2 answers
Is "Oh how is it worth to wander" correct ?
Good evening ! I wrote this : In a world of wonder, With spontaneous enough of a paresse, Oh how ...
Sentence sentence-correction syntax 0 votes, asked Jul 29 by Erwan Fons
0 answers
is this correct?
Being a German mastering the English language and having to read specialist literature in both languages for business reasons, it ...
verb syntax 0 votes, asked Jun 28 by LiSa Zumpf
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Is this the correct use of both words and syntax?
Is this the correct use of both words and syntax? Quote, "Know thyself amidst changing tides".
quote syntax Word-choice word-usage 0 votes, asked May 21 by natasha
1 answer
phrase category and function
hey who can help me to distnguish between the categories and functions of the phrase (noun / verb / adj ...
Phrase function category syntax 0 votes, asked Apr 15 by reem
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Tortured syntax...but Grammarly thought it was A-ok?
A nonprofit client recently wrote this in a letter to supporters to invite them to save the date for a ...
syntax Usage Structure 0 votes, asked Nov 29 '15 by Barbara McM
0 answers
Please reach me if you have any further clarification.1. Is this grammatically incorrect ?2. Can this be grammatically incorrect based ...
syntax +1 vote, asked Jun 19 '15 by Katha
0 answers
need grammar feedback+advice with 2 sentences postsecondary level
I need someone, preferably from Canada, to look at 2 sentences to help me further my understanding of English with ...
syntax grammar semantics Structure university 0 votes, asked Feb 14 '15 by ned helpoften
2 answers
"wanting a final decision/proof is impossible"
I used a strange sentence which is semantically similar to the one in the headline, and I wonder if it ...
semantics syntax reference phrases ambiguity +1 vote, asked Nov 27 '14 by Mathias Herrmann
1 answer
Sentence Structure- Compound or Simple?
Just wondering if there is ellipsis of the subject in the supposed, 'second' clause, then does it still count as ...
syntax compound simple Sentence Structure 0 votes, asked Mar 02 '14 by Vivien
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