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1 answer
can i use "whole"?
i'm writing a poem and there's a part that goes I feel empty As if no love Could ever whole ...
whole poem help spelling synonyms +1 vote, asked Sep 04 by brendaswagg
1 answer
the difference between "defeciant" & "inefficient"
When say either, "kert and Austin leave their fans on all day, it is energy defeciant." Or, "The box fans ...
synonyms context 0 votes, asked May 24 by Mack Johnson
1 answer
it's correct to say ''I'm not disagreeing with you'' ?
in a person's original post I commented something that might be confusing, so I decided to add more information by ...
grammar phrases synonyms Word usages 0 votes, asked Jan 28 by Lily
1 answer
how to get synonyms to appear?
I was wondering how do you get the feauture for synonyms to be suggested as i can not find it? ...
synonyms help 0 votes, asked Aug 27 '15 by Selina
1 answer
Synonyms 'with' or Synonyms 'for'?
My sentence is 'Mercedes is a name synonyms with/for style'. I am confused whether to use with or for after ...
synonyms with for 0 votes, asked Aug 07 '15 by soneeta
1 answer
Is there a synonym for someone I know?
I am looking for a word that describes a person as someone I know, without describing the actual relationsip I ...
Synonym synonyms relationship person 0 votes, asked Apr 20 '15 by Anonymous
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About Vocabulary - Can I say distinguish?
Hi! There is a sentence 'It's hard to choose the best friend'. Can I say 'It's hard to distinguish the ...
vocabulary Synonym synonyms 0 votes, asked Jun 13 '14 by Alexandra Karavaeva
1 answer
The word best replace "evacuated"
Which word can best replace the word "evacuated" in this sentence: Several residents were evacuated to the nearest police stations. ...
evacuated transferred shifted moved synonyms 0 votes, asked Jul 27 '12 by ABDUL KHALID BIN HASHIM
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