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inquisitive sentence or statement
Is a sentence starting with the words ," I don't know how I am _____," an inquisitive sentence or a ...
statement or inquisitive Sentence +1 vote, asked Dec 17 '15 by Antonio D
1 answer
When adverbs get confusing...
I'm doing some practice with overall sentence diagramming by diagramming sentences I see in everyday conversations. This is one I'm ...
adverbs converting question to statement +2 votes, edited May 27 '15 by Francesca
1 answer
Grammar problem - Preposition 'from' missing.
Is this age-old statement grammatically correct: "To whom much is given, much is expected."?
preposition fixed statement 0 votes, asked May 03 '13 by Lateef Oladeji
1 answer
Correct use of commas in this statement(?)
I was told that the following sentence should have 2 commas added to encircle the phrase, "who the item is ...
commas statement Sentence Phrase +1 vote, asked Dec 12 '12 by Mette Greising
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