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Correct spelling
Is it a hotelier or an hotelier? All my research points to a hotelier, but Grammarly wants an hotelier. A ...
spelling a an +1 vote, edited Sep 27 by Jenny Hetherington
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can i use "whole"?
i'm writing a poem and there's a part that goes I feel empty As if no love Could ever whole ...
whole poem help spelling synonyms +1 vote, asked Sep 04 by brendaswagg
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CustomiZation vs customiSation
Hello, everyone. Was looking through a text in Grammarly and got warned on "customisation" being confused for "customization". As far ...
british british-american english spelling 0 votes, asked Aug 30 by Hanna Yughre
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What is the difference between ''whilst'' and ''while'' / ''among'' and ''amongst'' ?
Do British people use -st more? (or Australians, Canadians...) I have read some things on the Internet and I found ...
while among british spelling grammar 0 votes, asked Jul 25 by Lily
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Aether, Ether, or Æther? What is it, anyway?
I'm writing a fanfiction about the Call of Duty: Zombies series, and there is this thing referenced in the game ...
spelling Word origin mythology 0 votes, asked Jul 05 by Nick
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english grammar and spelling
The correct spelling for the word /im'posebl / is : 1)impassibel 2)imposible 3)impasible 4)impossible
spelling grammar corrections 0 votes, asked Jun 04 by feridef
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Grammarly for Spanish?
Hi! Is Grammarly going to expand into other languages such as Spanish? If not, why? If so, when? Cheers
spanish spelling grammarcheck otherlanguages 0 votes, asked May 05 by Jacqueline Mhitaryan
1 answer
Article critique/ Reducing the fear of falling among elderly
I need to have my critique of an article for my class checked for grammr, usage, spelling, punctuation, word choice, ...
grammar Usage punctuation spelling Word 0 votes, asked Jan 28 by Cathleen Munoz
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When you say the sentence he drives to fast what correct spelling of to do you use
spelling +1 vote, asked Jan 11 by Angie Besowshek
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Spelling Rules
Why is "spruce" spelled with a -ce on the end instead of -se?
spelling rules endings +1 vote, asked Jan 07 by Jamie Schildknecht
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spelling numerals
When I learned how to write, I was taught that whole numerals are spelled without using the word and. The ...
numerals writing spelling +2 votes, asked Oct 31 '15 by Bruce Noble
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Wondering why so many occurrences of double lettering aside from the need of a prefix or suffix addition, possibly even ...
spell spelling rules exceptions alphabet +1 vote, asked Sep 02 '15 by Charles I. Kenney, IV
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companywide or company-wide or company wide
So which is it: companywide, company-wide, or company wide? I believe "companywide" is correct and I have seen it used ...
correct Word spelling 0 votes, asked Aug 21 '15 by Patrick
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Is "govournment" a proper UK spelling of "government"
I'm an American who uses the UK/International spelling of words in all essays and literature I write. I thought I ...
proper spelling UK International govournment +1 vote, asked May 20 '15 by GrammarUK
1 answer
what is a sentence for importance
spelling 0 votes, asked Feb 23 '15 by destiny
1 answer
learning grammar and punctuation
Where can I get a quick refresher on proper grammar, punctuation and spelling rules? I am really frustrated with my ...
grammar refresher punctuation spelling 0 votes, asked Nov 05 '14 by sissy
3 answers
What's wrong with my sentence! Please Help!
So, I'm doing a play, and Iam acting as a nurse.. I had to write my own script, I was ...
grammar english spelling punctuation 0 votes, asked Dec 16 '13 by Mia Vaafusuaga
1 answer
Dictionary : Cieling
Hi, I ask about spelling a nother time and the people say: Dictionary help spell and definitions. My dictionary español-inglés. ...
spelling cieling 0 votes, asked Aug 30 '13 by Bonita
0 answers
weird, wierd
I think that I getting sleepy but I keep this word two different ways and I still don’t know how ...
spelling 0 votes, asked Aug 28 '13 by Bonita
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Spelling:rythym or rhythym, or rhythm
Sigh! I need your help, quick if possible. Ok you know when someone can dance really good you say He ...
spelling 0 votes, asked Aug 28 '13 by Bonita
0 answers
If you could answer this quick, that would be great. I need support to prove that I am right on ...
roll role part spelling character -1 votes, asked Aug 25 '13 by Lina Newbride
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Alright OR Allright- I hope that I am right!
Help me settle an argument with my know-it-all boyfriend. He is not really all that good at writing either so ...
all alright right spell spelling 0 votes, asked Aug 25 '13 by Lina Newbride
1 answer
I have a question about the word Immigration
So I was asking my mom about how it was to move countries from Europe to the US and she ...
immigrant immigration emigration confused spelling 0 votes, asked Aug 25 '13 by Lina Newbride
2 answers
towards & toward
Could you tell me when to use "towards" and when to use "toward"? Is there a difference between these two ...
spelling meaning 0 votes, asked Nov 27 '12 by Lola
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