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We play football in the field
My pupils tend to construct sentence like this instead of saying "We are playing football in the field" (present continuous ...
simplepresent presentconti 0 votes, asked May 24 by Fiona
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Simple present usage
Why on questions I cannot use verbs on simple present tense, ex. “How many languages does Tom speaks (with “s”)?”?
simplepresent grammarticality Using +1 vote, asked Jan 18 by Ingrid Moraes
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Grammar, simple present
"Features like hands-off allow the user to ... " OR "features like hands-off allows the user to ..."
grammar simplepresent subject 0 votes, asked Aug 23 '15 by Naram Muhesen
2 answers
Present Simple or Present Continous
Hello. What is correct - When will John arrive? - His plane arrives at 7am tomorrow or His plane is ...
future simplepresent continuous +1 vote, asked Aug 05 '14 by john_doe
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URGENT! URGENT!! Please help me by correcting the grammer mistakes in my short story.
1:00PM 21/12/2012 The song playing now is Akon's 'Freedom' and at the lyrics are at 'freeeeedom'. I have been sitting ...
short story simplepresent present continuous -2 votes, asked Dec 21 '12 by Sandeep Sndp
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