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Proper sentence for formal writing?
'Hoping to find a new car before next year. Went away to see my family for the holiday. Took a ...
Types of sentences 0 votes, asked Nov 08 by noexpert
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meaning of sentence
what is the meaning of sentence-"Oh,if I could become a Great Garbon!Why can't I?Oh!"
sentences 0 votes, asked Sep 04 by Navneet
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Is this right? I want to know what tenses are being used in this.
This is sentence "Yes, but I am not sure. I just want that even if my hard disk got stolen ...
grammar sentences tenses Verbs sentence-correction 0 votes, asked Jul 09 by nagracks
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"First two other amazing books." "An estimated two other first amazing books." Are they arranged correctly?
sentences 0 votes, asked Jun 09 by Emma
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How to create sentences based on Imagination , openion or possibilities?
How to create sentences based on Imagination , openion or possibilities? Situation 1: i want to climb mount Everest and ...
imagine possibility sentences grammar 0 votes, edited May 12 by unique
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reduced adjective clauses
"Girls having been to Canada are over there.""Here' you'll see girls having been to Canada.""My sister going there tomorrow is ...
sentences 0 votes, asked May 10 by Emma
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Rewrite sentences into the passive
Can someone help me ? I'm not a native speaker and I have some problems with these sentences. I have ...
grammar passive sentences 0 votes, asked May 04 by Natalie
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Select phrase that could replace section under quotes
When i turn forty five, I "will be a doctor for twenty years" 1. would be a doctor for twenty ...
sentences 0 votes, asked May 01 by Angela Philstine
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Are these sentences correct?
These are my questions: 1. He wanted us to talk. (I mean, "He wanted that we talk.") 1. He wanted ...
sentences grammar 0 votes, asked Apr 13 by aysel
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this sentences is correct
you should clean the table after you
this sentences is correct 0 votes, asked Mar 28 by Mirna Quintanilla
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What does these sentences mean?
Hi, I'm a student who learn english. for my english listening traing, i usally use CNN Student news. and listing ...
uncertain sentences +1 vote, asked Jan 12 by JJ
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Sentence Structure
Consider the following sentences: The spider above the window has just caught a fly. The spider which is above the ...
sentences clause PrepositionalPhrases +1 vote, asked Dec 30 '15 by Abdul Quadir
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Sentence formation
Hello there! Which of the two is more appropriate? A ratio compares two similar quantities, while a rate two dissimilar ...
does sentences 0 votes, asked Sep 26 '15 by Abdul Quadir
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Sentence grammer using "although"
I am trying to use "although" to mean "in spite of the fact" but I'm not sure I'm using it ...
Sentence sentences grammar grammarcorrection 0 votes, asked Aug 18 '15 by Robert De Leon
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Is this sentence appropriate? They want the photographs. Can you give them to them? OR should I say "They want ...
sentences pronouns 0 votes, edited Jun 20 '15 by Abdul Quadir
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Contractions as complete sentences
A co-worker is dating someone that learned English as a secondary language and when they text/email he sometimes replies with ...
contractions sentences +1 vote, asked Jun 09 '15 by Jesse Peden
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Word showing wrong grammar structur, plz advise.
What is wrong with this sentence and how would you rephrase it? Thank you. "Numerical modeling for the support of ...
grammar sentences fibers Structure 0 votes, asked Apr 22 '15 by Viktor Klouček
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Sentence Classification by Structure
How would one classify a sentence containing dialogue and an attribution? Here's an example: She said, "I can't attend the ...
sentences Structure classification 0 votes, asked Jan 22 '15 by Scott
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sentence formation
Art studio provides greater ‘access & more-efficient’ provision for students to experiment with. Is this sentene formation right? Can it ...
sentences 0 votes, asked Jan 11 '15 by venugopal
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Please help correct this sentences.
Example Wrong: Some people they don't know how to greet Correct: Some people don't know how to greet Wrong: The ...
incorrect sentences -1 votes, asked Oct 16 '14 by dcyprusog
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one or two separate sentences
I want to know how to conjugate: My sister is special, my sister has autism. Is it alright to just ...
sentences 0 votes, asked May 16 '14 by Marta
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difference of 2 sentences
1. He has been able to communicate with others through a computer. 2. He has been able to communicate through ...
sentences Difference meaning 0 votes, asked May 07 '14 by Joshua
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A question of modern grammar
Which is the correct modern usage; "Love treats for her who loved you first" or "Love treats for she who ...
sentences 0 votes, asked May 07 '14 by Darshanie Kumari
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wordy sentence
The author used ironic words to express two points: in the first one that the commenter sneered some Chinese students ...
wordy sentences improve 0 votes, asked Apr 30 '14 by psyche
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i need to more help how to write very well structure in english
i need help how to write paragraph
strucred sentences writing 0 votes, asked Apr 19 '14 by saba
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help fixing sentences
There are a lot of buildings that should be torn down in East Canonsburgh. Every student should do their homework ...
sentences 0 votes, asked Feb 16 '14 by Mary
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Is this sentence fine?? Plz. correct me if it's wrong.
When you always have no one to talk to, you might just have to write it all down.
sentences grammar Style words +1 vote, edited Oct 19 '13 by user22
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If something displays life characteristics, then it is a life form and it is studied by a biologist.
run on sentences 0 votes, asked Aug 17 '13 by MICHAEL ANZELONE
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im having problems in sentences
(first page done three to go) is it right for adjective+noun+adjective+noun+preposition+verb to be in one sentence?
sentences 0 votes, asked May 14 '13 by paul stephen
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using hyphen
1. "As a result - significant progress was achieved." 2. "the nice property of averaging - it allows a consistent ...
punctuation hyphen sentences correction 0 votes, edited May 13 '13 by attempt
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