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End of paragraph from transfer essay. Is it too clunky?
Original: At the same time, I would incorporate into my lessons how learning an additional language can benefit a person ...
Transfer esaay run-on 0 votes, asked Sep 30 by Grant
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Is this a run-on sentence?
I'm working on a project for History and can't determine whether or not to add a comma after "Caliph," or ...
runon run-on comma commaplacement 0 votes, asked May 04 by Teagan K.
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Run on sentence
Is this sentence a run on? However, while it is believed by many historians, including Dr. Jesse Harasta, that it ...
runon run-on 0 votes, asked May 02 by Teagan K.
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Is this a sentence
Ayalon and Marmon, when discussing eunuchs defending both sacred and political Islamic political institutions, present their employment as stemming from ...
sentence-structure run-on sentence-correction 0 votes, asked Apr 26 by Zeb
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is this a run-on? if so, how can i fix it?
For many years, I have lived in Miami, Florida, a southern city in which life revolves around the beach.
run-on grammarcorrection Style 0 votes, asked Sep 23 '15 by Laura Frank
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Run-On Sentence?
This is such a long sentence, it makes me suspicious. Is it a run-on? "Looking at my profile it may ...
run-on 0 votes, asked Jun 14 '15 by Michelle Curiel
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Does this sentence flow or is it awkward?
While waiting on AUC, I have improved on my extracurriculars for my application, among other factors and have reconsidered applying ...
run-on Sentence grammar 0 votes, asked Jun 13 '15 by christian figueroa
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Comma Usage
Which option has the correct use of commas? 1. During his consultation, the Honduran doctor asked to see his feet, ...
commaplacement commasplice run-on +1 vote, asked Jun 12 '15 by Jayme Castillo
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run on sentence
Can someone tell me if the sentence below is a run-on? Also is the "the" before "pivotal" necessary? "Although F. ...
run on Sentence run-on +2 votes, asked Jun 03 '15 by Ryan
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Help to make a sentence more concise
Any suggestions for tightening up the following sentence? The responsibilities of the Senior Graphic Designer is to create original designs ...
Sentence run-on +1 vote, asked May 14 '15 by Sheri Gold
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Trying not to sound like a carpenter while asking for help from the engineer.
I need to contact my engineer on a daily basis to ask questions. Most of the communication is by an ...
run-on summarize 0 votes, asked May 12 '15 by Mark Dahmer
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can someone please help me find run-ons thank you
Elie Wiesel, in Night says it is more important to preserve one’s life than to preserve one’s dignity. After they ...
run-on help lit grammar fragment 0 votes, asked May 03 '15 by nick hernandez
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What is wrong with this sentence
People not rich enough to afford land found themselves paying taxes they could not afford for land they could not ...
run-on 0 votes, asked Nov 09 '14 by kara
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Identify each word group at either a fragment a sentence or a run-on sentence
1. The lights flickered several times, then they went out completely.2. When the first batter hits a single, you haven't ...
fragment Sentence run-on help 0 votes, asked Apr 27 '14 by HenryLinscott
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Feedback on structure/wording of closing sentence.
Below is my closing sentence for an article I am working on. As of now, it is one long sentence. ...
Structure closing fragment run-on 0 votes, asked Sep 18 '13 by Brandon |Haphazard|
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Concise sentence structure
How can this sentence be rewritten in fewer words? If one were to measure the joy that is reciprocated when ...
run-on wordy 0 votes, asked Apr 24 '13 by Editor J
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Does this sentence need any commas? Grammarly reviews my essays before I turn them in to make sure they are ...
comma punctuation run-on 0 votes, asked Oct 22 '12 by Anonymous
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