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At versus In
Hi - I'm tutoring an ESL student. During our last lesson working on prepositions, we ran across the phrase, " ...
at in grammar rules +1 vote, asked Sep 22 by jennifer
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Spelling Rules
Why is "spruce" spelled with a -ce on the end instead of -se?
spelling rules endings +1 vote, asked Jan 07 by Jamie Schildknecht
0 answers
Wondering why so many occurrences of double lettering aside from the need of a prefix or suffix addition, possibly even ...
spell spelling rules exceptions alphabet +1 vote, asked Sep 02 '15 by Charles I. Kenney, IV
1 answer
Could you please answer the following 2 questions related to prepositions in ESL program? Question is: Identify the preposition mistakes ...
Prepositions grammar rules 0 votes, asked Dec 16 '13 by ROD CHISHOLM
2 answers
Verb usage
In the sentence "Neither the council members nor the mayor supports the new parking restrictions." Why is "supports" the correct ...
verb rules 0 votes, asked Jul 11 '13 by Bryant
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