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Please help to reconstruct this sentences
"With my precious experiences in hongkong taxation , I am targeting taxation in Asia Pac level."
rephrase reconstruct construct sentence-correction grammer 0 votes, asked May 11 by Jeremy wong
1 answer
Rephrasing a new office set up
We are pleased to announce that with the recent addition of our brand new office, we now offer separate waiting ...
rewording rephrase 0 votes, asked May 02 by levent
2 answers
Need help forming an argument in a comparative analysis assignment and rephrasing a paragraph
I found a point in an article that contradicted its own thesis and that point is also surfaced by another ...
rephrase Argument arguing 0 votes, edited Jan 29 by jon12555
1 answer
Excuse me from paying the fine
The other day a friend of mine had to write an application to his principal because a heavy fine had ...
rephrase +1 vote, asked May 20 '15 by Abdul Quadir
2 answers
How can this sentence be rephrased to appear less combersome?
Therefrom, effects on the turnover process can be inferred that are caused by the presence or absence formal structures.
rephrase readability 0 votes, asked May 07 '14 by Frank
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