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Is the following sentence grammatical, and is using the word 'living' necessary? To do work, every living being needs energy, ...
redundancy 0 votes, edited Jan 12 by Abdul Quadir
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In a conversation, I asked someone by saying: Can you see the Doctor is writing something, right? Some said that ...
redundancy 0 votes, asked Sep 08 '15 by Martin
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Mopping with a mop?
As I understand redundency is a big no no in English. However, I've come through some answers my pupils gave ...
redundancy mop grater cycle weeding 0 votes, asked May 17 '15 by WONG CHE YEONG
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How do I let James Joyce--and others--develop my prose without...?
Literature makes a lion out of me. In its acquaintance, I'm prone to brash punctuation, archaic language, and woeful redundancy. ...
redundancy archaic repitition complexity 0 votes, asked Feb 16 '13 by Iain Sutherland
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