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Is this Question hard to read?
It offends me to hear a Native New Yorker with views so far removed from the symbolic words written for ...
readability 0 votes, asked Apr 09 by Iris Hoskins
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Is this short announcement grammatical? is it readable?
BTW, the rules of St. Patrick affect nearby parishes and communities. "In accordance with the guidelines of the Parish of ...
grammar Word-choice readability 0 votes, asked Mar 28 '15 by Jay
1 answer
How does this read to you?
Wondering how, upon first impression, you read this (phonetically, how does it sound)? EMRG
Phonetic readability Accronym 0 votes, asked Feb 18 '15 by Tommy Lynn
2 answers
How can this sentence be rephrased to appear less combersome?
Therefrom, effects on the turnover process can be inferred that are caused by the presence or absence formal structures.
rephrase readability 0 votes, asked May 07 '14 by Frank
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