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An expression that means "or rather" or "more precisely"
I'm looking for an expression that means "or rather"/"more precisely"/"or should I say" in the following context. "They surrendered, or ...
precise rather accurate self-correction Synonym +1 vote, asked Nov 07 '15 by Linguaphile85
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part of speech
What part of speech is "rather" in the following sentence? I would rather be here than there.
rather 0 votes, asked Aug 25 '15 by Debbie
0 answers
use of 'would rather'
I am still confused how to use 'would rather' in a complete comparison with 'than' with a perfect tense. Is ...
would rather 0 votes, asked Aug 27 '14 by Muhamad Hasim
0 answers
would rather+past tense verb
Hi everyone, I've been trying to look for a solution to this mind puzzle I have... Suppose I want to ...
would rather 0 votes, asked Aug 08 '14 by SebBas
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