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Punctuating quotes from books
When you quote a line from a book (not dialog), do you put the quoted section in quotation marks or ...
quotes 0 votes, asked Jul 22 by Claire
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Are the following sentences given below with the subject line correct?.
Subject - Price quotations terms and conditions clause. Mentioned are price quotations terms and conditions clause by seller to prospective ...
Buyer Seller price quotes Market 0 votes, asked Jul 19 by Prashant Akerkar
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corect quotes?
Best moment in this life is , when everything we had are totally same
quotes -2 votes, asked Apr 19 by nath
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would you use a triple quotation mark at the beginning of an inner quotation and the original quote?
Hi i'm wondering if you would use a triple quotation mark ('") at the beginning of this example: "'There can ...
quotationmarks triplequotationmarks quotes help +1 vote, asked Apr 05 by Tanner Peckham
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writing fiction and the use, or not, of quotation marks
When writing fiction and presenting a "verbatum" internal dialog by one of the characters, how should that passage be identified? ...
quotes +1 vote, asked Jan 18 by John Petersen
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Quoting quotes
While assessing an applicant's suitability for employment, I receive responses to questionnaires from former coworkers and personal references. Their comments ...
quotes Quoting 0 votes, asked Aug 26 '15 by Pete
2 answers
Quoted sentences in a sentences
How do I correctly punctuate a sentence that has two quoted sentences inside? For example: Instead using "A plant will ...
quotes 0 votes, asked Apr 02 '15 by Robert Sanders
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Single quotes
I have some dialogue, several lines, concerning nicknames and do not know whether to use single quotes. I did intitially, ...
quotes nickname 0 votes, asked Mar 18 '15 by Aaron Hurvitz
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Would the period go before or after the quotation in this sentence? I found myself to be just as confused ...
quotations quotes punctuation 0 votes, asked Feb 26 '15 by Sabrina Ordoyne
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How do I punctuate these words?
Hello, this might seem like a stupid question, but I'm having trouble with this sentence in my fiction novel: He ...
quotations quotes punctuation 0 votes, asked Nov 27 '14 by Matthew Bryan
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Using quotes for rhetorical questions
What is proper grammar/comma usage, etc. for the following: Have you ever thought, “wouldn’t it be cool if…”? If it ...
quotes comma grammar 0 votes, asked Jul 24 '14 by Lea
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quoting phrases or slogans
how do you quote a phrase or slogan?
quotes slogans phrases +1 vote, asked Jun 15 '14 by Tess Guerrero
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How to punctuate a quote within dialogue
He says, "I was thinking about Shakespeare's 'Sonnet 116.' 'Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments.'" ...
punctuation quotes 0 votes, asked May 20 '14 by Robin
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Ellipse, quotes
In the sentence: They will say, "We agree with the changes BUT . . . " the 'BUT' being used ...
ellipsis quotes 0 votes, asked Apr 23 '14 by Jim Sitnik
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Please help me make my sentence more grammar correct
If you over enthusiastic, going to do something wrong, which you done, right before.
grammar quotes 0 votes, asked Sep 12 '13 by ayivoo
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Quotations and commas
If a direct quote is embedded within a sentence and ends with a question mark but must be followed by ...
quotes commas 0 votes, asked Jul 17 '13 by Holly
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