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Quoted question within a sentence
I read a passage that had a question quoted mid sentence and was wondering whether it was correct to quote ...
quotation quotationmarks question capitalization 0 votes, asked Aug 22 by kajunat
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Quotation marks across paragraphs
If a quote is extensive and spans several paragraphs, are quotation marks used at the beginning and end of each ...
quotation 0 votes, asked Jul 27 by Elaine Stroup
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Punctuation Surrounding Quotation Marks
Which is right? Or, are none right? (MLA format) Through research, I wish to answer the question, "are GM foods ...
quotation quotationmarks quote Punctuate mla 0 votes, asked Jul 10 by Lauren Price
1 answer
Meaning of quote
What is the meaning of this quotation of sheldon cooper:Sheldon Cooper - "If I could I would , but I ...
quotation meaning 0 votes, asked May 09 by unique
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quoting speech from an additional source
I'm using the MRHA citation form, are my quotation marks correct for my evidence for my secondary source. Its contemplatable ...
quotation speach quotationmarks singlequotation doublequotation +1 vote, asked Dec 15 '15 by Amy Cooper
2 answers
Single or double quotation marks?
People always tell me "Darling, you need to calm down!". People always tell me 'Darling, you need to calm down!'. ...
quotation speech british +1 vote, asked Oct 21 '15 by Lem
1 answer
Punctuation with semi colon and a quotation
When writing in American style, can I put a semi-colon that was not part of the original quote before the ...
semi-colon quotation punctuation 0 votes, asked Jul 01 '15 by Mary Reinhardt
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When should a comma precede an opening quotation mark?
Should a comma always precede an opening quotation mark, or are there exceptions?
quotation comma punctuation 0 votes, asked Jun 11 '15 by Deep
1 answer
Quoting an Author
Depending on the placement in my sentence, do I ignore the ending punctuion of a quotation? Example: Line to quote ...
quotation punctuation 0 votes, asked Jun 01 '15 by Conrad Turuk
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Who do I quote?
I know that if in an article, I indirectly ( paraphrase) cite an author that indirectly cites (paraphrase) an expert, ...
quote quotation 0 votes, asked Apr 22 '15 by Annie
2 answers
Commas and periods inside quotation marks
Hi, My two examples: She smiled, "Hi, my name's Mary," and gave him a nod. She smiled, "Hi, my name's ...
commas quotation marks periods 0 votes, asked Mar 09 '15 by Roy van Bragt
1 answer
Comma usage directly after a quotation
Here is the sentence I am editing:Marcus responded with a "Yes, ma'am!" But he sounded drained and his voice was ...
comma commaplacement quotation punctuation 0 votes, asked Feb 20 '15 by Kat
1 answer
Quotation Punctuation
I'm second guessing myself for some reason and now I need your help. While the ball flew at us with ...
quotation exclamatory periods punctuation 0 votes, asked Nov 01 '14 by David
1 answer
Quotation marks
I have come upon sentences where there is a break in the quotation, like: "Well, you see" - he looked ...
quotation 0 votes, asked Oct 04 '14 by Siahara
1 answer
Full stops/periods and their place in relation to quotes
I think there is a problem with Grammarly as it is at present. For example, if I say in some ...
periods quotation 0 votes, asked Apr 27 '14 by Leon Le Leu
2 answers
How would I put a third level quotation?
Would the quotation in this sentence make sense? John said, "Mary said to Partrick, 'Do you know what Jack said? ...
quotation dialogue 0 votes, asked Aug 08 '13 by Spencer N.
1 answer
Commas for quoted word in middle of a sentence.
Do we need to use commas to offset a quoted word in the middle of a sentence? For instance, if ...
quotation quotations Sentence commas middle 0 votes, edited Jun 28 '13 by Leikela
1 answer
comma always inside quotes
Student is writing a sentence with the following..... The following books are, "Example 1" by John Smith, "Example 2" by ...
comma quotation title 0 votes, asked May 14 '13 by jkerge
1 answer
How do I alter a quote from a movie to make sense in a paper?
I am trying to quote a movie, specifically "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold." The direct quote from the movie is ...
quotation quotations citations 0 votes, edited May 09 '13 by Kacie Loura
1 answer
Commas and quotation marks
I understand how to use a comma with a direct quote: He said, "That's nice." or "That's nice," he said. ...
commas quotation +1 vote, asked Jan 22 '13 by Ross Edwards
1 answer
Quotation Marks - Communist article
Hello, the sentence I am having trouble with is below and is how I think it should be: A country ...
quotation 0 votes, asked Jan 16 '13 by Richard Dyson
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