Questions tagged with pronouciation

1 answer
pronunciation of a person's name
Could you let me know how you pronounce a family name "Lyth", [li:th] or [laith]?
pronouciation Name 0 votes, asked Jul 08 '15 by ootarou
2 answers
Pronouncing words in a sentence
I heard my cowork says "Is that right?". Why didn't he pronounce the "T" in "right"? Also, I told my ...
speaking pronouciation +1 vote, asked Jun 16 '15 by Nah Man
1 answer
St Pancras pronouced Pancreas?!
Just had a long discussion with my collegue, about the word St Pancras. He pronouces it St Pancreas... Then a ...
St Pancras Pancreas pronouciation 0 votes, asked Jun 27 '13 by serge
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