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how to be proficient in english
Currently I am a B2 level student in english. How can I be proficient in english and increase my level ...
english cefr problem proficient 0 votes, asked Aug 25 by PRAVU
1 answer
Usage of "Materials"
Isn't it incorrect to say "two materials which may be recycled" ? Shouldn't one instead say, for example, "two types ...
problem words 0 votes, asked Aug 04 by Najiana Wan Balbir
1 answer
have problems ving usage
If we want to talk about we cannot do something correctly, we can use "have problems ving" Can we use ...
have problem ving 0 votes, asked May 05 by Ray
1 answer
Is or Are?
Throughout the play, more and more information is revealed about the characters. is or are?
is are problem question 0 votes, asked Jun 13 '14 by Ting Lai
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