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Is this possessive? Or correct descriptive
A photographer offers children's portraits? Does this mean portraits belonging to the children? Should it say photographer offers child portraits? ...
pluralpossession grammarcheck Possessives 0 votes, asked Mar 21 by Brandy
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Which is correct "The health policies of..." or "Health policies in..."?
If each country has it's own national health policy, and many of these national policies from country to country share ...
Policy PrepositionalPhrases pluralpossession 0 votes, asked Jan 27 by Moru
1 answer
Changing people's lives
Hi there!!! "Changing people's lives" I really have to use the sentence above and I really can't figure out where ...
apostrophe apostrophes pluralpossession 0 votes, asked Sep 01 '16 by Danielle Briggs
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How do i show possession after the word either?
Which one is correct? Is it either driver's fault? Is it either drivers' fault? Is it either drivers fault?
possession plural pluralpossession +1 vote, asked May 26 '16 by Lisa
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