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Use of plural nouns as singular example
Hello, We are all editing professionals in my office and find ourselves in a disagreement. Two sentences have been submitted ...
plural example agreement subject 0 votes, asked Mar 14 by Emily-Jo Hopson
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noun forms
How else is "form" named? Or how can you replace "form" in the following sentence. The tense of a verb ...
noun form plural singular singular-plural 0 votes, edited Mar 16 by Rob
2 answers
Nationalities (plural and generalizations)
To refer to a nation (a group of people from a particular country) we make a noun referring to a ...
Nationalities generalization plural Articles 0 votes, asked Mar 05 by Valeriia Oleinich
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tights,choir,customs,time,history,clothes,jeans..which one of them is plural .pair.collective?!
how can i know to choose the right answer with these words... like tights .i have the question that say ...
countable plural pair singular collective 0 votes, asked Feb 22 by quadcore003
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Why do we say "two bedroom apartment" and not "two bedrooms apartment"?
plural pluralization numbers 0 votes, asked Feb 10 by Sami Succar
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'Species of plant' (or is it plants?)
When writing a sentence such as 'There are 12 species of plant', should 'plant' be singular or plural? I.e. 'There ...
singular plural plant plants 0 votes, asked Feb 08 by Eden
2 answers
Plural of Pi
What is the plural of Raspberry Pi? Is it Pi? Is it Pis? Is it Pi's? Please let me know ...
plural I 0 votes, asked Jan 25 by Isaac Louis Tag
1 answer
Collective nouns with singular or plural verbs.
Should "was" or "were" be used in this sentence: A group of us missionaries (was, were) in the middle of ...
collective nouns plural Verbs 0 votes, asked Jan 23 by L. Selph
0 answers
Ambiguous Phrase: Plural or Singular
Hi, My muddled mind can't compute this: Is the phrase 'more than one kind of' singular or plural? In other ...
plural Phrase phrases Plurals 0 votes, asked Jan 13 by pbass wil
1 answer
During third and fourth grade or grades?
Which one is correct? During third and fourth grades, I played basketball. OR During third and fourth grade, I played ...
singular or plural throughout 0 votes, asked Dec 17 '16 by Sue
2 answers
Would it be our solutions deliver insight or our solutions delivers insight?
use of plural +1 vote, asked Dec 06 '16 by Cindy Caserta
1 answer
"that has" or "that have"?
Which is correct between the following: - ... elements that have attributes ... - ... elements that has attributes... ?
that plural 0 votes, asked Nov 19 '16 by Yasha Kramarenko
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Plural possessive apostrophe - daughters' or daughters
My mom and her daughters' on her 95th birthday.
possesive apostrophe plural +1 vote, asked Nov 14 '16 by maria walling
3 answers
Apostrophe, or not apostrophe? That is the question.
What's correct? Park owners cars. Park owners' cars. Park owner's cars
apostrophe plural 0 votes, asked Nov 09 '16 by Taylor Paul
1 answer
Should we use article before plural nouns?
Should we use article before plural nouns?
Articles plural nouns +1 vote, asked Nov 07 '16 by Keval
1 answer
Adding "s" after apostrophe.
This question is about adding "s" after apostrophe in the word "Bones". This copy will appear in an ad for ...
apostrophe plural possesive noun 0 votes, asked Nov 02 '16 by Ilya Startsev
1 answer
Figuring out which of these sentences are correct.
My coworkers are trying to figure out the correct sentence structure for figuring out when someone has a class. These ...
singular-plural plural a an singular 0 votes, asked Nov 02 '16 by Zack Ringler
3 answers
Plural form
You are teachers,is it correct scentance?
plural 0 votes, asked Oct 25 '16 by Peter Rana
5 answers
is or i's? gs or g's?
Don't forget to dot your is. Don't forget to dot your Is. Don't forget to dot your i's. Don't forget ...
plural pluralization apostrophe +3 votes, edited Oct 01 '16 by Jenny Hetherington
1 answer
Measurements of vague nouns
Would it be "Six inches of snow are on the roof" or " on the roof" ? Same goes for ...
plural nouns Verbs +1 vote, asked Sep 07 '16 by tami glatz
1 answer
Possessive form of two aunts?
If I am typing a post referring to a new business two of my aunts have started together, do I ...
apostrophe possessive plural +1 vote, asked Sep 02 '16 by Laura Stone
3 answers
plural or singular verb usage depending on subject
Not sure if I use a singular or plural verb here. Am I referring to the cleanser or the ingredients? ...
singular plural verb +1 vote, asked Aug 25 '16 by Christina Ablahad
2 answers
Please choose the correct answer from options or just help.
The woman who .......... apples also ....... oranges.A. Sells/sellsB. Sell/sellC. Sells/sellD. Sell/sells
Sell singular plural 0 votes, asked Aug 25 '16 by Tope Dimaro
1 answer
'us' or 'we' in a short reply
Hey all, One of those questions where one sounds better than the other but I feel it must surely be ...
Us WE subject-verb first-person plural +1 vote, asked Jul 20 '16 by GT
2 answers
Singular or Plural referring to a list
My wife was recently preparing a grocery list for me, and I asked, "Is oranges on the list?" She made ...
plural lists 0 votes, asked Jul 15 '16 by ApocalypseOfSpoons
1 answer
Making surnames plural
How would I write out the plural of a surname ending in a silent letter which would require -es if ...
surname plural French +1 vote, asked Jul 13 '16 by Karen
2 answers
was or were
Should the following have 'was' or were'? If an analysis in terms of progression were utilized,the two... Thanks
singular plural 0 votes, asked Jun 05 '16 by Graham Bull
2 answers
Should this list be followed by a plural or singular verb?
I began the closing paragraph of a cover letter with the following sentence:I believe my commitment to excellent service, my ...
verb plural singular list 0 votes, asked May 26 '16 by Amy Reich-Frase
1 answer
How do i show possession after the word either?
Which one is correct? Is it either driver's fault? Is it either drivers' fault? Is it either drivers fault?
possession plural pluralpossession +1 vote, asked May 26 '16 by Lisa
2 answers
Usage of their with plurals
This has been bothering me for years! Can someone please weigh in on the correct usage of the word "their" ...
possesive singular plural agreement 0 votes, asked May 13 '16 by Robert Hodes
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