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Should you put an extra period after an initialism at the end of a sentence?
For example: "He spoke to C.J." vs "He spoke to C.J.." It looks pretty wrong both ways, but it's more ...
periods initialisms 0 votes, asked Jul 28 by Krista
2 answers
How to puncuate with initialisms.
How do I use a period to end a sentence whose last word is an initialism? Would it be: "We ...
periods initialisms punctuation +2 votes, asked Mar 06 by Andy Ell
2 answers
Commas and periods inside quotation marks
Hi, My two examples: She smiled, "Hi, my name's Mary," and gave him a nod. She smiled, "Hi, my name's ...
commas quotation marks periods 0 votes, asked Mar 09 '15 by Roy van Bragt
2 answers
Should there be two periods in this sentence?
Please send checks to "Southwest Inc.".
periods punctuation 0 votes, asked Feb 19 '15 by salexander
1 answer
Quotation Punctuation
I'm second guessing myself for some reason and now I need your help. While the ball flew at us with ...
quotation exclamatory periods punctuation 0 votes, asked Nov 01 '14 by David
1 answer
Full stops/periods and their place in relation to quotes
I think there is a problem with Grammarly as it is at present. For example, if I say in some ...
periods quotation 0 votes, asked Apr 27 '14 by Leon Le Leu
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