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Time adverb with past perfect tense
Mike ( had broken | broke ) his mother's vase last night but he has not told her yet. Question: ...
perfect tense past 0 votes, asked Jun 03 by jerry pan
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present perfect & present perfect ing
" I have read an English book since yesterday.""I have been reading an English book since yesterday." Are they the ...
perfect +1 vote, asked May 29 by Emma
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The Perfect Tenses
I'm confused about the perfect tenses---past perfect (pluperfect), present perfect, and future perfect. I'm unsure of when to use the ...
perfect 0 votes, asked May 02 by Inquisitively
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Present Perfect Tense - Determine Usage Case
Present Perfect has two usage case: Case A: Say that an action happened at an unspecified time before now. Case ...
verb tenses perfect 0 votes, asked Apr 24 by Jack
0 answers
Use of Past perfect
I came across a question in a grammar book in which I had to correct the errors: Before dinner was ...
tenses past simplepast pastperfect perfect +2 votes, asked Oct 31 '15 by Abhinav Garg
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future perfect in conditionals
If the plane hasn't been delayed, they will have landed by now. Could anyone explain why this is correct? Why ...
conditional future perfect +1 vote, asked Oct 24 '15 by Izzy
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Past Perfect tense usage in a sentence.
Hello, I had a little conversation with my teacher today and we were discussing how to use Past Perfect tense ...
past perfect +1 vote, asked Sep 24 '15 by Andrius
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Present perfect or past?
Hello experts! I'm in the following predicament. I have the following sentence to fill in the blanks with. The suspects ...
present perfect past +2 votes, asked Sep 16 '15 by James
1 answer
Terminology question - past participle
I'm working through a grammar book on verbs, and the author constantly refers to the "perfect/passive" form of verbs. However, ...
Verbs passive participle Forms perfect 0 votes, asked Aug 07 '15 by Francesca
1 answer
Use of present perfect and adjective.
We can ask a question : Have you played ......... ? Is it correct to ask : Have you intersted.... ...
interest interested present perfect adjective +1 vote, asked Jul 02 '15 by Mukund Chaskar
2 answers
Present Perfect Continuous
Hi there! "I've been packing my suitcase for 5 hours." - Can I say in this way in case I ...
perfect +3 votes, asked Jun 17 '15 by Anastasia Paslavskaya
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Omitting "by" with a specific time in future perfect tense?
I found this sentence in a Japanese high school English language textbook: "All these models will have been outdated next ...
future perfect tenses +1 vote, asked May 13 '15 by Teresa Nozoe
1 answer
SHOULD with future perfect meaning
Is the following sentence correct? By the time we'll meet tomorrow, you should have called the committee and reached a ...
Should future perfect tenses 0 votes, asked Apr 13 '15 by Ahmed
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Present Perfect Tense
I am struggling to understand the difference between the present perfect tense and the the present perfect progressive tense. Is ...
tense tenses perfect present presentperfect 0 votes, asked Mar 31 '15 by Aidan Miller
1 answer
Simple Past vs. Past Perfect
Which would be the more accurate or correct tense: After several sessions of chemotherapy, my husband's life had been saved ...
past perfect 0 votes, asked Feb 27 '15 by Veronica
1 answer
Has or Have
What is the correct way to say this? "Since graduating from college, my personal interest in biological organisms 'has/have' skyrocketed." ...
Has have present perfect 0 votes, asked Feb 25 '15 by EnglishGrammar21
0 answers
past perfect and past perfect continuous
Azza was carrying two heavy bags . she ....... The shopping at the supermarket (had done - had been doing ...
past perfect continuous 0 votes, asked Dec 30 '14 by ahmed
1 answer
Placing yourself in the future looking back.
Which one is correct(if any!): 1. Imagine it is the end of 2015. What would you have liked to have ...
Wouldhave perfect 0 votes, asked Jul 28 '14 by Lourens Pfister
1 answer
Using DO/DOES as a Helping Verb, in a present perfect tens question
"Does anyone have received any package on behalf of me?" Is this question grammatically correct? And what if I am ...
Emphasize emphasis emphases present perfect 0 votes, edited Jan 24 '14 by Samar Babkair
1 answer
Why used this tense in this sentence?
Why used present perfect in this sentence ? why did not uses other tense? "There have always been differences in ...
tenses perfect 0 votes, asked Dec 27 '13 by mohammad
1 answer
Past Perfect / PP Continuous (sentences)
1) Jane was sad because she had quarrelled with her boyfriend. 2) Jane was sad because she had been quarrelling ...
past perfect continuous Usage Difference 0 votes, asked Sep 18 '13 by Martyna
1 answer
Past tense or Present Perfect???
I don't know what has gone over me: I have become increasingly more and more acutely aware of the minute ...
past tense perfect 0 votes, edited Sep 18 '13 by Heather
1 answer
Past Simple or Past Perfect
"This was the second consecutive match against Germany that Spain had lost." Can I say "... that Spain lost." using ...
past perfect 0 votes, asked Aug 23 '13 by albin444ik
2 answers
Use of Simple Past Verb in Sentences Involving Past Perfect and Present Perfect
IS THERE ANYTHING WRONG WITH ANY OF THESE TWO STATEMENTS? 1) “I knew John had been influencing Peter, so I ...
verb tenses past perfect present +1 vote, asked Jun 24 '13 by Heather
0 answers
Tense continuation and past perfect tense
X was working on a contract basis where he was the first choice before he had lost it last week. ...
tense perfect 0 votes, edited Sep 07 '12 by Azhar
3 answers
conditional sentences
Consider the following sentence:"The latest version of Firefox for desktop is out now. If you already have it, you've probably ...
conditional-present perfect 0 votes, asked Jul 03 '12 by beautiful mind
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