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very specific case - past tense question
Hey there :) I often compare the English language to my first language, German. Now I ran into a situation ...
past tense question +2 votes, asked Oct 25 by Marcel Schwark
1 answer
Past tense and past perfect
So here is the context: Yesterday I was talking to a friend and while talking I fell down and immediately ...
past-perfect past +1 vote, asked Oct 24 by Xyz
3 answers
Present or past tense
I hadn't been well or I was not well. Which one of these is correct. Yeah I mean for a ...
past +2 votes, asked Oct 10 by Xyz
2 answers
In what tense are these sentences?
I had put a dollar on the table (before I left). I have put a dollar on the table, (and ...
past tenses +3 votes, edited Sep 17 by Jenny Hetherington
1 answer
use of had
I'm writing a story in past tense. For example: "She watched the ball fall from the sky. She ran toward ...
past participle past-perfect tense 0 votes, asked Sep 03 by C
1 answer
Past tense or the present perfect form
Hi. I have a question. Which expression is more natural, "I arrived at TOKYO." or "I have arrived at TOKYO." ...
past past-perfect 0 votes, asked Aug 24 by 佐野兼央
1 answer
passed or past?
Which is correct passed? or past? when used in this sentence: "Hiking along Havasu Creek into Havasu from the Colorado ...
past passed 0 votes, edited Jul 28 by Kimberly Ciesla
1 answer
Past or Subjunctive?
What do we use "found" instead of "finds" in "It's about time he found a job?"
past subjunctive 0 votes, asked Jul 19 by Linda Goodwin
3 answers
Past tense only with did
Would it be correct to say "I did see that"?instead of "I saw that"(I mean, this affirmation, without negating or ...
past 0 votes, asked Jul 19 by Propuesta De Hijos Predilectos Gracias
4 answers
Past perfect (pluperfect)
Which sentence is correct? 1. My husband went to the market before I had got up. 2. My husband had ...
past-perfect two past actions +1 vote, asked Jul 06 by Eugenia Kosutzka
1 answer
Why Past Simple and not Past Continuous in this example?
Hello. English is my second language and there's still things I get confused about. Things I understand, but can't exactly ...
past verb tenses continous +1 vote, asked Jun 24 by Alex
4 answers
Time adverb with past perfect tense
Mike ( had broken | broke ) his mother's vase last night but he has not told her yet. Question: ...
perfect tense past 0 votes, asked Jun 03 by jerry pan
1 answer
Past Simple, Continous or Perfect
Are my answers correct? The concert had finished and my friends went home. (Finish, go) When I got home I ...
past 0 votes, asked May 10 by Alan Russia
1 answer
we're way...
"We're way past being angry"Does it mean "we're now very angry"Why do they say "being"?
way past +1 vote, asked Apr 22 by Emma
2 answers
"I lied" or "I lay" ?
lie - lay - lain lay -laid- laid In the irregular verbs list, past tense of lie is lay. But ...
lied lay past tense 0 votes, asked Apr 17 by silver
2 answers
Usage of past tense for assumption
Which sentence is correct hopefully you will get better , but in case you didn't you can cancel it or ...
past tense assumption +1 vote, asked Feb 26 by mrkhoros
0 answers
Past tense usage of words in the same sentence
I work in security and I have to write a report after every incident. Is the following sentence - "I ...
is was past tense present +1 vote, asked Feb 05 by Cody Reed
0 answers
Sentence structure in past tense using "since" and "when in the same sentence.
I have got to make corrections to the sentence below: "Times have really change since back in the day, all ...
since when past tense +1 vote, asked Dec 11 '15 by Pooja Tare
0 answers
Use of Past perfect
I came across a question in a grammar book in which I had to correct the errors: Before dinner was ...
tenses past simplepast pastperfect perfect +2 votes, asked Oct 31 '15 by Abhinav Garg
0 answers
Question on didn't/doesn't
When presented with a conditional and some weird tense changes like: If he didn't cry when he doesn't get what ...
didnt doesnt conditional tense past +1 vote, asked Oct 11 '15 by Patrick
1 answer
Past tenses in the phrase "I've heard"
For example if I found out about the side effect of a pill and wanted to tell someone about it ...
grammar past tense english 0 votes, asked Oct 02 '15 by Bill
0 answers
Past Perfect tense usage in a sentence.
Hello, I had a little conversation with my teacher today and we were discussing how to use Past Perfect tense ...
past perfect +1 vote, asked Sep 24 '15 by Andrius
5 answers
Present perfect or past?
Hello experts! I'm in the following predicament. I have the following sentence to fill in the blanks with. The suspects ...
present perfect past +2 votes, asked Sep 16 '15 by James
1 answer
What is the past tense of riding a horse
"I have ____ a horse before" Is it rode or ridden or am I saying it incorrectly?
past tense 0 votes, asked Sep 04 '15 by Andy Darling
1 answer
convert into past tense
Reality TV star Jade Goody dies at the age of 27
past tense 0 votes, asked Aug 19 '15 by Muhammad Nabeel
1 answer
When is it okay to switch tenses?
In creative writing, when is it okay to switch tenses? I feel like I might have a misunderstanding of past ...
tense grammar dialogue past present 0 votes, asked Aug 13 '15 by Brad Taylor
1 answer
The correct form of the past tense
I'm starting to learn English and I have one question to U. Please, tell me what a difference between "In ...
past grammar +1 vote, asked Jul 04 '15 by Alex
0 answers
Past tense within past tense - Flashback within a flashback
Hello, I have a question about tense. I always wonder which one should be used. Shouls past tense be used ...
tenses past pastperfecttense 0 votes, asked Jul 04 '15 by Terrica Duncan
2 answers
direct indirect speech
Could anyone help me in understanding the speech. Rama said, "I have small height." Wondering that if the indirect speech ...
indirect speech past +1 vote, asked Jun 08 '15 by NANDINI
2 answers
regarding tenses
which one of the following is correct and why. 1. I left him to make sure he was not in ...
past indefinite 0 votes, asked Jun 05 '15 by NANDINI
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