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Gerunds and participles after action verbs
In this sentence, "Melanie sat giggling in her seat", what type of phrase is "giggling in her seat"? Is a ...
gerunds participles +1 vote, asked Dec 03 by Xin Mei
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Could you please give me some examples of participle clauses and participle phrases?
participles 0 votes, asked Apr 30 by Emma
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Running shoes, participle or gerund?
Is running shoes considered as participle or gerund? it was used in a sentence as "My running shoes are newly ...
verbals participle participles gerund gerunds 0 votes, asked Jul 14 '15 by Emerie Cailes
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choose correct sentences please.
1. are following sentences grammatically correct? 1-1. fallen yesterday, a leaf is still fresh. 1-2. fallen yesterday, a leaf was ...
participles +1 vote, asked Feb 13 '15 by Seulki Chae
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The grammar of participles
Asked by teacher, I have no idea how to start. Can anyone tell me which word fits this sentence? ___________ ...
participles 0 votes, asked Feb 02 '15 by Napaked Hirunyakowit
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sentense correction
One a lady going by me in the street. or one day a lady went by me in the street.
verb participles -1 votes, asked Feb 20 '14 by Rananjay Singh Allahabad Bank Rannapark Ahmedabad India
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What is this {compound noun}, and is it grammatically correct?
I am in the process of writing a literary work and for some reason I seem to remain "unglued" about ...
wordsmithery nouns adjectives participles compound 0 votes, asked Jan 29 '14 by Michael
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Parts of Speech Identification
In the following sentence, what part of speech would the words "teaching us" be considered (I am leaning toward participal ...
participles participial phrases -1 votes, asked Oct 19 '13 by Robert Myer
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Participle problems (NOT the dangling kind)
Hi There, In recent months I've become increasingly aware of what seems to me to be a pervasive participle and ...
participles 0 votes, asked Sep 21 '13 by Kevin
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verb and participle
Hi, In the sentence below, is "awarded" part of the helping verb"was?" So the verb in this sentence is "was ...
Verbs participles 0 votes, asked Feb 28 '13 by AZTeach
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Identify phrase type
What is the italized phrase By inventing the internet, vint serf mad himself famous i think its either participial or ...
participles absolute Phrase 0 votes, asked Feb 02 '13 by gogol
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past participle
What is the past participle of prove? Is it proven or proved?
participles 0 votes, asked Nov 29 '12 by David
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"fiscal year ended" vs. "fiscal year ending"
Is there some rule about when to use "fiscal year ended 20XX," vs. "fiscal year ending 20XX?" Some people have ...
tense participles 0 votes, asked Jun 15 '12 by TempleValleyX
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