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use of had
I'm writing a story in past tense. For example: "She watched the ball fall from the sky. She ran toward ...
past participle past-perfect tense 0 votes, asked Sep 03 by C
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Whether "your amazing" NOT "you're amazing" can ever be correct.
I'll begin with the discussion that started this topic. Someone typed "Your amazing". Someone then pointed out it should be ...
gerund present participle your amazing 0 votes, asked Jun 15 by Abe Nett
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I can't understand what part of speech it is.
Manchester is a chief cotton manufacturing city. Could you please tell me what part of speech "manufacturing" is?
participle adjective gerund 0 votes, asked May 11 by Rufina Khaziyeva
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Participle or Gerund or Verb??
In the sentence 'He is always demanding to have his own way.', is "demanding" a participle or gerund or verb??
gerund participle verb Verbal 0 votes, asked Apr 25 by Haydon
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boiled and boiling - which is the correct Participle as an Adjective
Hi, I have a concern about "particple as an adjective" As we might already known, participle is verb + -ed ...
participle adjective 0 votes, asked Nov 19 '15 by Trần Minh
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Differences in Grammar Textbooks?
Hi all, I have a couple of general grammar questions hopefully someone can clear up for me. As I've been ...
Verbs language participle +1 vote, asked Aug 14 '15 by Francesca
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Terminology question - past participle
I'm working through a grammar book on verbs, and the author constantly refers to the "perfect/passive" form of verbs. However, ...
Verbs passive participle Forms perfect 0 votes, asked Aug 07 '15 by Francesca
2 answers
Running shoes, participle or gerund?
Is running shoes considered as participle or gerund? it was used in a sentence as "My running shoes are newly ...
verbals participle participles gerund gerunds 0 votes, asked Jul 14 '15 by Emerie Cailes
1 answer
Gerund or Participle
In the sentence "On heating, ice melts", what's "heating", a "gerund" or a "participle"? How do I differentiate between the ...
gerund participle 0 votes, asked Jul 06 '15 by Abdul Quadir
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Diagramming complex sentence
In the complex sentence, "Although some of the old folk tales are quite dark, they have come to be thought ...
diagramming phrasal participle 0 votes, asked Apr 03 '15 by Kaisa
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the usages of the word OF
Tom is of beauty. Today's crisis is of a different order. why is the word OF used in above sentences? ...
of participle 0 votes, asked Jan 02 '15 by Won Sang Choi
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which vs present participle for effect/result of previous verb
Hello. Please consider the following example: The cat knocked a dish off the table, causing the dog to bark. The ...
which participle 0 votes, asked Dec 08 '14 by Dan
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Practice TOEIC
There is a sample question on the ETS site for the TOEIC. It is a multiple choice question, but I ...
present participle 0 votes, asked Oct 22 '14 by Jakob Collins
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How to use the participle phrase
Is there a wrong way to use a participle phrase? Like in this example: "I have down most f the ...
participle Phrase phrases participial -1 votes, asked Aug 11 '14 by Kaleb Dodson
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Adverb Clauses Beginning with Present Participle?
Can an adverb clause that is not "cause and effect" of the subject, but rather further explaining that subject, begin ...
adverbs present participle 0 votes, asked Jul 30 '14 by Michael
8 answers
What's wrong with this sentence?
What is wrong with the following sentence: "Bob is a curious person, collecting things." My instinct tells me that the ...
participle progressive -3 votes, asked Apr 08 '14 by Eddie
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Combine into single sentence. Ihave completed the task.I went to play
participle 0 votes, asked Feb 18 '14 by carolyn
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Confused about the verbs in this sentence
I'm teaching English and my students recently had a question about a sentence that has 6 verbs. They asked what ...
verb participle Conjunction 0 votes, asked Oct 30 '13 by MrAdamSK
3 answers
Gerunds as Prepositions
Often I see gerunds used in a prepositional manner. For instance: 'I saw him hitting John' or 'the documents concerning ...
gerunds participle preposition +1 vote, asked May 30 '13 by Geoffrey
2 answers
Verb forms used as other types of word
When a verb form such as a gerund is used as a noun, or an adjective or such as a ...
conversion gerund participle verb 0 votes, asked Apr 16 '13 by Hannah Mace
1 answer
I decided to ask several questions. (1a) Are the following constructions equal? : After doing smth, he did smth = ...
participle gerund 0 votes, edited Mar 24 '13 by Jonny English
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