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word order
Sir / Madam, really sorry to bother you, only after being advanced you understand that now you re a true ...
order between +1 vote, asked Oct 12 by Murad
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When counting yousrself and someone you're talking to with other people, should you put me or I?
"Not really. Books are present, everyone is here." "Me, you, Daku, Chojo, Kokuma.... where is Supana?!" Is the bold sentence ...
quotationmarks Me I order 0 votes, asked Sep 18 by Ahmad Melhem
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Is this sentence in the correct order?
She took the battery from Ana's camera in Paul's hand. There is a battery inside Ana's camera. The battery was ...
order Sentence english grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 19 by Lily
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Words order in a question
Hello, According to the English grammar, in a question a verb must be on the first place, and then goes ...
Word order question 0 votes, asked Jul 31 by Denis Sivtsov
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have a can cold coke or have a order cold coke
Hi guys, Today I had an English exam and there was a question that i had to discuss with my ...
can order prefer like 0 votes, asked May 30 by Kürşat “ColdCry” Çetin
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sequence of words
Select the correct sequence of words to complete this sentence. _____ his French project, Xander ______ up all night , ...
sequence Word order +2 votes, asked Dec 30 '15 by quanny
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Comma Placement??
Which is correct? Or WHAT WOULD be correct if none of these? I have learned so much from having an ...
comma placement wording order 0 votes, asked Nov 30 '15 by wordgirl
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Order vs order?
When to use Order vs order in religous orders?Order as in a title is understandable but what about when referring ...
order +1 vote, asked Nov 13 '15 by Road Scribe
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order of adjectives
Which is correct? "a tiny swedish digital camera phone." Or "A tiny digital swedish camera phone."
order of adjectives +1 vote, asked Oct 08 '15 by Adrian Ng
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ordering multiple adjectives
What is the best guideline for ordering multiple adjectives in a sentence? Should I follow the Royal Order of Adjectives?
guideline order multiple adjectives Royal 0 votes, asked Oct 01 '15 by Linda Perrine
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Why "Ordered" and not "Orderred"?
Should you double the "r"? Are there more exceptions?
order 0 votes, asked Jun 16 '15 by Oren Halfon
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alphabetical order
Which comes first in alphabetical order? lone or lonely?
order 0 votes, edited Jun 09 '15 by Suzaan
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Which sentence is correct?
'Try slowing your speech down a little' or 'Try slowing down your speech a little'.
Word position order Sentence +3 votes, asked May 25 '15 by Steve
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Article THE and WORD ORDER
I am confused with the use of the article THE and word orther. In this example, what is correct to ...
omit the Word order -1 votes, edited Dec 04 '14 by Gerardo
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Wrong word order - can it exist?
Hi, guys! I'm translating russian verse now, so I've faced lots of difficulties! Have a look at this stanza: Encouraged ...
passive wrong Word order 0 votes, asked Jul 27 '14 by Alexey Kavun
2 answers
Order of Adverbs
Hi. I was coming up with a sentence about a married couple and presented a question which I couldn't find ...
order adverbs 0 votes, asked May 23 '13 by C.H.
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