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What or anything is grametically wrong with below sentence ?
Why on earth he would use that aganist her ?
on earth 0 votes, asked Nov 23 by Erdem KARAKUS
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What is difference on a diet and in a diet ?
What is difference on a diet and in a diet ? I know that on a diet is correct expression. ...
on in 0 votes, asked Nov 23 by KWON
1 answer
It's on versus it's date specific usage
I have a Japanese teacher of English asking me the difference between using "It's on" versus "It's" in regards to ...
its on specific date Usage 0 votes, asked Nov 02 by コリー Balderas
2 answers
in/on the street
Is it correct to say kids are playing football IN the street or ON the street? N the street or ...
in on 0 votes, asked Jul 26 by blal
2 answers
Use of on or with
Is it proper to say "...other members of the team will assist Mr. Smith with the matter" or "...will assist ...
with on Services +1 vote, asked Apr 20 by Rebekah
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The secretary was adamant on changing the venue
on about +1 vote, asked Mar 16 by sanjyoti
2 answers
Look on vs look at
Hello! There is a movie song that goes like "Always look on the bright side of life" and my question ...
look on at english grammar +1 vote, asked Feb 12 by dazzlerazzler
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Can ON and ABOUT be used interchangeably? Ex: Students will present ON x. or Students will present ABOUT x.
on +1 vote, asked Jan 25 by Crudden
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Are the following sentences correct? 1. I studied on the Creative and Professional Writing Degree and I loved it. 2. ...
on Prepositions +1 vote, asked Jan 02 by Veronica
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Of or on?
Which one is correct?: I understand the basics of sewing. I understand the basics on sewing. Of or on? Thanks.
of on 0 votes, asked Oct 17 '15 by Melissa D.
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how to use "on my way"?
Hi, Are the following sentences correct? I'm on my way to work out. (work as a verb here) (can on ...
on My way +1 vote, asked Oct 01 '15 by Liza
2 answers
"On" or "over"
I would like to know which is correct: "The alarm clock cried the time OVER the carved nightstand" or "The ...
on over grammar correct 0 votes, asked Sep 20 '15 by Flaísa Tárcila
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use of in on of
What is the correct way of writing below. Trainer of Sales Skills? Trainer in Sales Skills? Trainer on Sales Skills?
use of in on 0 votes, asked Jul 10 '15 by Ranawaka
2 answers
Preposition - ON, IN, AT
1. The children are playing on/in/at the playground. Which is the best one to use ? Are they all correct ...
playground preposition in on at +1 vote, asked Jun 27 '15 by evelyn lim
3 answers
run on sentence
Can someone tell me if the sentence below is a run-on? Also is the "the" before "pivotal" necessary? "Although F. ...
run on Sentence run-on +2 votes, asked Jun 03 '15 by Ryan
1 answer
Which ones are correct?
Hi there! It's me again. I need a little help here. Are the sentences below correct? 1) The buttons of ...
on of +1 vote, asked May 28 '15 by Abdul Quadir
1 answer
Briefing of vs on
When using preposition 'of' after the word 'briefing', does it sound different from using 'on'? Someone told me that 'on' ...
brieifing of on preposition 0 votes, asked Feb 13 '15 by Jenny
1 answer
In or on
If you have any real life qualifications or training, that would be good to put on your application.Or If you ...
in on 0 votes, asked Dec 26 '13 by Kenneth
2 answers
If something displays life characteristics, then it is a life form and it is studied by a biologist.
run on sentences 0 votes, asked Aug 17 '13 by MICHAEL ANZELONE
1 answer
plan on vs plan to
What is the difference betwen plan on vs plan to? Are both the same?
plan on plant to +2 votes, asked Jun 27 '13 by gabriel madrigal
2 answers
Confusion around in and on again
Are you supposed to say "I'm in Tenerife" or "I'm on Tenerife"? Someone told me that it should be "I'm ...
in on 0 votes, asked May 23 '13 by Mario Fonseca
1 answer
In behalf vs. On behalf
Hi there! I've always been confused with these two (in behalf and on behalf). If I'm trying to say that ...
in behalf on 0 votes, asked Apr 09 '13 by Hannah Faith
3 answers
Help fix my run-on sentence
The importance of noticing the above warning signs and physical symptoms can save a loved one from hiding their pain, ...
grammar run on Sentence fix 0 votes, asked Sep 16 '12 by Mark Wilson
1 answer
in or on
I know which way I prefer, but I would like to know if one way is the correct way or ...
in on +1 vote, asked Jul 03 '12 by JK
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