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Nominative Casw
In this sentence: "We have not taken a picture together just you and I in a month." Would "you and ...
nominative objective case grammar 0 votes, asked Jun 28 by Meranda Hillier
2 answers
Is this sentence asking a question. Also, In writing does "IF" always presents a ? (not if the noun)
In having a conversation with one other party, Is this sentence asking a ? if it is asking a question, ...
if objective law pronoun 0 votes, asked Oct 24 '15 by Edward Dixon
1 answer
"to be" + gerund
In the sentence The car is still running, but is in bad condition. What would be considered the verb of ...
gerund objective complement +2 votes, asked Nov 08 '13 by sali
1 answer
Trying to write a resume that doesn't make me look stupid.
I feel like my sentences run on and on, but can't see how to fix them. Any thoughts? Diverse background ...
resume essay summary objective paragraph 0 votes, asked Jul 17 '13 by M
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