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What is the direct Object?
He told her no invitation was required.
what is the direct object 0 votes, asked Dec 02 by mary sachtleben
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Object or Subject Pronoun
"Sprawled out before us, lies a stunning array of plants and animals" Grammarly says: "it appears you have used the ...
object pronoun object-pronoun subject subjective 0 votes, asked Nov 07 by James Bearpark
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Best option.
Which of these sentences is best/most correct and what the subject/verb in each? Is there an adjective here? "The key ...
subject object verb adjective 0 votes, asked Aug 30 by Allan
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Sentence Pattern
In my English module, I was asked to identify the functions of all the underlined nouns according to its position ...
Sentence pattern nouns direct object 0 votes, edited Jul 05 by Creo
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Subject and Object
How can you tell the subject of a sentence apart from the object?
subject object 0 votes, asked Jun 15 by Rachel M
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use of the word "overnight"
TV weather personalities are always using phrases such as: "rain through the overnight". I say that there need to be ...
object +1 vote, asked Apr 02 by Ted Varga
1 answer
Struggling with identifying these in the following sentences. Would like to make sure I am on the right track. Some ...
subject verb object phrases grammar 0 votes, asked Mar 28 by Shane
4 answers
Both of them...
Is it correct to say, "Both of them went to the movies"? Them is an object pronoun and so shouldn't ...
subject object they Them both 0 votes, asked Jan 27 by Jenny
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find the indirect oject
what is the indirect object in this sentence? When the weather turned cold, Marcus liked to run along the beach ...
indirect object +2 votes, asked Dec 30 '15 by quanny
3 answers
can dependent clause have direct object
It seems to me that it can. For example, "I read the book". The direct object is "book". If I ...
dependent clause direct object +1 vote, asked Dec 29 '15 by David Simpson
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Find the direct object and object complement ASAP PLEASE
Find the direct object and object complement in this sentence: KDD provides our school dairies of the best quality.
direct object +1 vote, asked Dec 19 '15 by Tamara
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direct object and object complement
Find the direct object and object complement in this sentence: I'm so tired today.
direct object +1 vote, asked Dec 18 '15 by Tamara
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Identify the type of sentence.
Identify the italic part of the sentence below. Although she pretends otherwise, Martha can't stand the haughty people at her ...
predicate subject objects object complement +1 vote, edited Nov 13 '15 by Salman Khan
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Passive voice of sentences without object
What is the passive voice of the following sentence?"John plays nicely."
active-voice passive-voice active passive object -1 votes, asked Aug 02 '15 by Razin Shaikh
1 answer
Grammatical explanation
How do I explain in grammatical terms, the difference between these 2 sentences? 1. He showed me the book 2. ...
direct indirect object +1 vote, asked Jun 29 '15 by Tina Biswas
3 answers
Pronoun usage (subject or object?)
In the following sentence, would "I" or "me" be correct?All of the English teachers, including Mrs. Sanford and I/me, were ...
pronoun subject object 0 votes, asked May 15 '15 by Sara
1 answer
Which sentence of the following two is correct?
Someone told me that the sentence (2) was not correct. But It seems to me that both sentences are correct, ...
object complement 0 votes, asked Apr 09 '15 by Yoshiro
2 answers
Me before you
The other day my friend said, "me and you have similar taste in music", I noted the me should never ...
Me you pronoun object subject 0 votes, asked Feb 20 '15 by Katrina
1 answer
preposition and object
If there is a preposition that means there is no object to the verb He writes me He writes to ...
to preposition object 0 votes, asked Feb 19 '15 by Anu
1 answer
Who vs whom
I know the basic rules for when to use "who" or "whom," but sometimes I get a little confused. For ...
subject pronoun object who whom 0 votes, asked Feb 12 '15 by Joshua Neumann
1 answer
using an object in a compound sentence
Which of the following sentences is greammatically correct?1. The book was so interesting that I could't stop reading.2. The book ...
object 0 votes, asked Dec 16 '14 by Yoon Kim
1 answer
Double subject or object
Intuitively, I believe the punctuation in these sentences are correct: "Dr. Peterson, my physician, told me I should avoid dairy." ...
subject object pronoun pronouns punctuation 0 votes, asked Dec 12 '14 by Jonathan
3 answers
Wait as a transitive verb.
My friend and I are having an argument. He says that it is proper to say "What are we waiting?" ...
transitive intransitive direct object PREPOSITIONAL 0 votes, asked Nov 25 '14 by Faris Sweiss
1 answer
apostrophe question
Hi, I am offering meditations for children. *I* have written the meditations to be *used* by children, to be *listened*to* ...
apostrophe object possesive plural 0 votes, asked Nov 11 '14 by minimedi .com
3 answers
indirect or direct object
In this sentence, I emailed a travel agency for information about flights to Nepal. Is "a travel agency" the indirect ...
object indirect direct PREPOSITIONAL 0 votes, asked Sep 18 '14 by Yofes
0 answers
Subject and object when the verb is 'to be'
I have difficulty defining what is the subject and what is the object in the sentence: "The main application of ...
subject object 0 votes, asked Sep 17 '14 by Serafim S
1 answer
subject and object
in the sentence 'you are here' what is the subject and object in the sentence?
subject object 0 votes, asked Jul 27 '14 by philip
1 answer
If some asks, Who is next?" Should you answer "he" or "him.m. Please explain.
subject or object pronouns 0 votes, asked Jul 11 '14 by stacey jones
0 answers
Here is my example: I alert the people to the problem. Is "alert" a ditransitive verb? Indirect objects are supposed ...
indirect object PREPOSITIONAL Phrase 0 votes, asked Feb 11 '14 by C
1 answer
Usage of verb sync and implied meaning for direct and indirect objects
I am new to an IT department, and the seasoned veterans are confusing me with their usage of the verb ...
Usage object direct indirect meaning 0 votes, asked Nov 18 '13 by js
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