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1 answer
Purchases online
Do you buy stuff for free after one purchase
none 0 votes, asked Aug 22 by Austin
1 answer
none of us alone phrase
I am 64 years old and to me "we are none of us alone" sounds strong. My editor changes this ...
usages none archaic 0 votes, asked May 24 by daian
2 answers
"None of"/"not one of" with a list
A. Which of the following is correct: "Not one of Alice, Beth, or Carl knows the answer." "Not one of ...
and or nor none list 0 votes, asked Apr 13 by Rachael Leventhal
1 answer
read the question
you have seen a classement tearing pages from book in library.through you have spoken to him about this he denies ...
none 0 votes, asked Jan 07 '15 by omkar s patil
1 answer
"none other" or "no other"
This is a question about a slogan. Is it better to say "a hospital experience like no other" or should ...
none other +1 vote, asked Aug 23 '12 by Diane
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