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Can non-restrictive clauses be independent?
Here is what I mean: "The film isn't awful, there is no need to close the curtain on the franchise ...
non-restrictive independent punctuation 0 votes, edited Nov 06 '15 by Joseph
1 answer
some of them vs some of which
Owing to acid rain, historic buildings are crumbling into decay,_________.①and some of them world treasures many centuries old②some of them ...
appositive non-restrictive 0 votes, asked Sep 24 '15 by Константин Гундев
2 answers
Does this sentence require commas?
Can you tell me if this sentence needs commas. We have an disagreement going on and need to get it ...
commas restrictive non-restrictive 0 votes, asked Jul 31 '13 by Sharon
0 answers
Appositive or not?
Is Tom a restrictive appositive in the sentence below? I know it would be a nonrestrictive appositive if it were ...
appositive restrictive non-restrictive +1 vote, asked Feb 19 '13 by Jan Grant
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