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"Is not he going to school"
"Is not he going to school" is a right sentence or am I writing it wrong.? i dont know that ...
Interrogative negative 0 votes, asked Oct 27 by Faysal Niaxi
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Hasn't or Haven't ?
Food, music and humor hasn't left much room for anyone. Or Food, music and humor haven't left much room for ...
Has have negation negative 0 votes, asked Sep 28 by Androidboy
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Covert these sentences into negative and interrogative
1. Neem tree has thick growth. 2. Always speak the truth. 3. It rained everyday.
grammar Interrogative negative 0 votes, asked Aug 04 by Areeba
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Which is correct? "No students are allowed..." or "No students is allowed..."
Should the sentence begining with "No students" take the verb in plural or singular form? "No students are allowed..." or ...
negative 0 votes, asked Apr 29 by KC Tan
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I don't know nothing.
Why do Americans say "I don't know nothing" when they clearly mean " I don't know anything"? According to me, ...
negation negative american english doublenegative +1 vote, asked Oct 17 '15 by Razin Shaikh
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it's no use - not worth - no point
Complete this sentence 2)there's nothing you can do, so ......... a) it's no use to worry b) it's not worth ...
negation negative +1 vote, asked Sep 04 '15 by expaectopatronum
2 answers
Change into negative sentence
There were many people at the fair.
negative -1 votes, asked Aug 24 '13 by Shriya Padhi
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use of "and" and "or" with a "negative verb" ??
For the sentence "The squamous architecture is mature, without dysplasia or single-cell atypia." is the use of "or" incorrect (have ...
negative Verbs 0 votes, asked Aug 15 '13 by Barbara Rowell
3 answers
I ain't got no problem with negative concord. Do you?
I'm not talking about using a construction like that in formal writing, but in your own native variety of English, ...
negative double concord aint +1 vote, asked Jan 15 '13 by Rev. Gerry Turner
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