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Me, myself, I? Right or wrong in this sentence?
Me and Kathy's new house. Is this sentence right or wrong??
Me myself I 0 votes, asked Jun 21 by Keyvan Rad
1 answer
me or myself
When scheduling a meeting, should I say, "for you, Suzy and myself" or "for you, Suzy and me?"
Me myself +1 vote, asked Dec 15 '15 by Bonnie
2 answers
Incompatibility of me and X// Incompatibility of myself and X
Which sounds best and is best grammatically: 1). "The utter incompatibility of me and and Washington DC culture made me ...
myself Me object 0 votes, asked Aug 04 '13 by Olga Musayev
1 answer
Me or myself?
Hello, I can't figure out if the last word in the sentence below should be me or myself. Please help! ...
Me myself 0 votes, asked Oct 07 '12 by Lola
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