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Is maybe a qualifier? And what is it modifying in this example?
In the sentence "Maybe she doesn't need this." is maybe acting as a qualifier? And is it modifying the pronoun ...
modifiers 0 votes, asked Oct 18 by Stephen Rajeckas
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misplaced modifier
I still don't understand misplaced modifiers. I wrote: In TOTEM AND TABOO, Freud suggests that at the beginning of society ...
modifiers 0 votes, asked May 25 by Graham Bull
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Can often or just often
The most appropriate modifier usage that suggests a general ability to accomplish a task is in which of the following ...
can often modifiers 0 votes, asked Feb 03 by Mauro Bellotto
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How to correct these misplaced or hanging modifiers
Stan is a successful architect and interior designer whose custom-built homes stagger the imagination. Priced beyond what the average person ...
grammar english modifiers misplaced 0 votes, asked Feb 19 '15 by Bob Stevens
1 answer
Subject and predicate identify
"During Mozart’s final years in Vienna, while he was famous but quite poor, he composed many of his best known ...
subject verb predicate modifiers 0 votes, asked Nov 29 '14 by Arthur Acaster
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Hyphenation in compound modifiers
I will be conducting Spanish-language, primary-source research In the above sentence are the hyphens necessary? Both "Spanish-language research" and "primary-source ...
hyphenation hyphens compound modifiers 0 votes, asked May 21 '14 by Hannah
1 answer
confusing modifiers
Death can influence people to either fear life or embrace it. By fearing life, you caution every action to avoid ...
modifiers 0 votes, asked Sep 22 '13 by sarah singh
1 answer
Dictionaries are united in calling not an adverb. What does not modify in the following sentence, and how does that ...
modifiers +1 vote, asked Sep 12 '13 by Sven
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does the last phrase modify the preceding phrase
In the phrase "...allowing for reasonable use and wear and damages by acts of God, including fire and storms" are ...
modifiers 0 votes, asked May 08 '13 by warren spencer
1 answer
Help with "Modifiers : Misplaced and dangling"?
Whats the Misplaced and dangling modifiers correction sentence for "The musicians wife wore a diamond pin in her hair which ...
modifiers misplaced dangling 0 votes, asked Apr 15 '13 by Arul
1 answer
Squinting modifiers
Apparantly, I have a "squinting modifier" error in the following sentence. "We continually look for opportunities to make new industry ...
squinting modifiers 0 votes, asked Mar 18 '13 by christopher deitz
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Modifiers !
" What are supplied by the Municipal Corporation, is not free from contamination." Find out the Post Modifier.
modifiers question grammar vocabulary adjectives 0 votes, asked Mar 14 '13 by Pyaree Dash
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