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How do I punctuate this sentence?
How should i punctuate this in MLA : In education there are similiar situations where instead of learning for the ...
mla sentence-structure sentence-correction 0 votes, asked Sep 20 by kevin
2 answers
Punctuation Surrounding Quotation Marks
Which is right? Or, are none right? (MLA format) Through research, I wish to answer the question, "are GM foods ...
quotation quotationmarks quote Punctuate mla 0 votes, asked Jul 10 by Lauren Price
1 answer
in-text MLA web citation of multiple authors
I am trying to cite two authors from a web page. Berger, Noah, and Peter Fisher. "A Well-Educated Workforce Is ...
mla in-text 0 votes, asked Jan 30 by Trevor West
1 answer
In text citations in MLA format: When to include the author's last name
I'm having trouble with in-text citations for my essay. I know that when you do an intext citation you can ...
mla in-text citation citations intext 0 votes, asked Nov 27 '15 by Kendra
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I'm not sure how to use the pauses in this sentence, help?
I am ending my MLA descriptive essay with this sentence. "Although, a caring man, my father is a slob, a ...
commas ellipsis grammar mla 0 votes, asked Sep 25 '13 by Gianfranco Blanco
1 answer
When handwriting (print) an essay, can I write the titles of major works in cursive - or must I underline ...
underline formatting handwriting mla italics 0 votes, asked Dec 07 '12 by Laurie García
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