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This is me?
In a caption below a photo in a newspaper, is (from the author's point of view) it, "This is me..." ...
this is I Me 0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Stan C. Cox
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Me, myself, I? Right or wrong in this sentence?
Me and Kathy's new house. Is this sentence right or wrong??
Me myself I 0 votes, asked Jun 21 by Keyvan Rad
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should my or me be used in this sentence?
I hope you don’t mind me calling you by your first name or I hope you don’t mind my calling ...
Me My 0 votes, asked May 31 by sabrina77079
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active voice into passive voice
You peep in the room.
please answer Me now 0 votes, asked Apr 20 by elif
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I or me?
What would be the appropriate pronoun in this sentence and why? "That would be George and (I or me) running ...
I or Me pronouns +1 vote, asked Dec 29 '15 by Rebecca Blaesing
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me vs I
My friend says that "me" should be "I" in the following sentence. All I learn is that you do it ...
Me I +1 vote, asked Dec 22 '15 by Adrienne Kamena
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me or myself
When scheduling a meeting, should I say, "for you, Suzy and myself" or "for you, Suzy and me?"
Me myself +1 vote, asked Dec 15 '15 by Bonnie
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using was were with past participle like given taken. is it correct sentences
Was given .were taken .
suggest Me +1 vote, asked Dec 11 '15 by raghav
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People like you and me are being pushed out.
Which is correct? People like you and me are being pushed out. People like you and I are being pushed ...
you Me I 0 votes, asked Oct 03 '15 by Kate
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Use of Me vs. I
It will be just Mary and I joining you OR It will be just Mary and me joining you. Which ...
Me I 0 votes, asked Sep 18 '15 by Stuart
2 answers
Friend and me are, or a friend and I are
Which is correct or are both correct? A: A friend and me are looking for ... B: A friend and ...
Me I +1 vote, asked Jun 19 '15 by Thomas Higginson
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That's I/me being myself
Which of the following is grammatically correct? That's I being myself. That's me being myself. What I mean is I'm ...
I Me nominative 0 votes, asked Jun 15 '15 by Abdul Quadir
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I vs. me - again
Bill and Jenn Kline, aka "The Little Couple" have a new season beginning on TV. Her introductory byline is "It's ...
little couple I Me +1 vote, asked May 16 '15 by Cathy Denison
2 answers
Me before you
The other day my friend said, "me and you have similar taste in music", I noted the me should never ...
Me you pronoun object subject 0 votes, asked Feb 20 '15 by Katrina
1 answer
Please correct
2 Part question. 1. Which is correct: I'm pretty sure John is getting a VIP package for my customers and ...
Me or I 0 votes, asked Jan 14 '15 by pete
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Me or I
Currently having a debate with a friend about proper grammar. Here's the scenario: (this was through text message) ME: I'm ...
Me I 0 votes, asked Jan 13 '15 by pete
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Me or My
In this sentence: My throat is tense and painful from the force of my keeping everything in check. should it ...
Me My -1 votes, asked Jul 02 '14 by Robin
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Incompatibility of me and X// Incompatibility of myself and X
Which sounds best and is best grammatically: 1). "The utter incompatibility of me and and Washington DC culture made me ...
myself Me object 0 votes, asked Aug 04 '13 by Olga Musayev
4 answers
me / I
I have a friend who is a teacher... she believes the following sentence is correct: My parents gave that game ...
Me vs I 0 votes, asked May 30 '13 by Eric
2 answers
)):!!please correct this!!:(((
please check for: 1-Punctuation within a sentence. 2-Writing style. 3- Vocabulary use. 4-Wordiness. ____ My favorite fruit is apple, it's ...
help Me please english 0 votes, asked Feb 10 '13 by Jessi Jessi
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"Who is going to the party?" - "My friends and me." / "My friends and I."
Which would be the right answer? I'm guessing the first one, because if you took out "my friends (and)," it ...
who whom Me or I 0 votes, edited Nov 22 '12 by Andrew Winters
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Me or myself?
Hello, I can't figure out if the last word in the sentence below should be me or myself. Please help! ...
Me myself 0 votes, asked Oct 07 '12 by Lola
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How can I make it more formal and concise?
Dear Peter; I would be very glad to resume teaching indoor cycling sessions at your health club once I received ...
Peter owes Me some money -2 votes, asked Aug 20 '12 by RAYAN
0 answers
Me or I problem
Can I say : "Colonel wishes to assign the problem to I" or must it be "Colonel wishes to assign ...
Me I grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 04 '12 by siddhartha jain
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Giving an award
You have known me, my 37 years of my Christian life
Me My 0 votes, asked May 16 '12 by Wanda
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