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ON a tv show x IN a tv show x AT a tv show
If I want to say that is someone is imitating Harry Potter, for example, on ''The Tonight Show'', should I ...
live watch Difference at in 0 votes, asked Aug 05 by Lily
2 answers
I thought they would...
Hi guys you are my last chance to find out which is correct: "I thought they would be happy if/when ...
grammar watch live Sentence +1 vote, asked Apr 19 by Janus
1 answer
Does this make sense?
"Finding a solution to a problem and then for it to become a harmful dependent sucks" Does this make sense? ...
watch live sense harm +1 vote, asked Feb 09 by Youssef Mourad
2 answers
Can I say "I am only living once"?
I'm not very good at english (not my main language) and would like to know if I can say "I ...
live help grammar +1 vote, asked Oct 18 '14 by littlebird
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Help me fix this!
I always have a confusion which form to use and which is right to use. Like, We have noted your ...
live -1 votes, asked Jul 21 '14 by Ideal Nabaraj
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What does "come out of his pen" mean?
What do these phrases mean? -- The letter has come out of his pen. -- He did come out of ...
grammar expression example live 0 votes, asked Mar 15 '14 by ershov
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