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could somebod correct this text?
Major thanks to everybody who thought of me yesterday! I was reminded of how many fun and caring people I ...
text correction english letter Thanks 0 votes, asked Oct 03 by schnuz
1 answer
Recomendation letter
Hello! Can you look at my recommendation letter, find and fix some mistakes? *I would say Ilya was initiative, proved ...
recomendation letter 0 votes, asked Aug 14 by iamtodor
1 answer
French grammar letter check
I'm giving a card to my French teacher for the end of the year. I want this to be checked, ...
French check grammar letter teacher 0 votes, asked Jun 22 by Aviella
10 answers
How to write a single descriptive essay about many things
How does one write a descriptive essay that ask you you to describe many things. e.g Describe your best moment ...
essay letter 0 votes, asked Jul 12 '15 by Adeolu
1 answer
Grammar on the postcard
Hi, Is it correct to write: "You are the first person I am sending a postcard to... I saw it ...
grammar letter 0 votes, asked Mar 11 '15 by Leila
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Is enclosed an introductory phrase
In a business letter that includes the following: "Enclosed please find the billing invoice for the services completed..." Is "enclosed" ...
comma commas introductory business letter 0 votes, asked Apr 24 '14 by Mary
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I do not understand how to write a more concise letter.
How to change it to a more concise letter? Dear Miss Lee, Application for Post of Personal Secretary Regarding your ...
concise letter 0 votes, asked May 08 '12 by Tan Hock Lai
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