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Are the following sentences given below with the subject line correct?.
Subject- Decompiler for any compiled programming language. Can we design Decompiler for any compiled programming language?
Decompiler Compiler Programming language 0 votes, edited Jul 18 by Prashant Akerkar
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English Grammar
"she might be missing us right now" why this sentence is not correct? and what is the correct form?
language 0 votes, asked Apr 02 by Atefeh Hamrang
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Language: Britisch (UK)
Hi, Is it possible to change the language from American to Britisch (UK)? Thank you in advance. Nick
british language setting +2 votes, asked Aug 28 '15 by Nick Oude Aarninkhof
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Differences in Grammar Textbooks?
Hi all, I have a couple of general grammar questions hopefully someone can clear up for me. As I've been ...
Verbs language participle +1 vote, asked Aug 14 '15 by Francesca
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