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in or into?
Which one is correct? Students listened to the conversation. And now they must fill the omitting parts. Which one can ...
in into 0 votes, asked Sep 18 by Inji_94
1 answer
Into or to
What is more suitable to say or use; in case you leave earth to ir into an icy planet
into to say use +1 vote, asked Dec 07 '15 by Maram
1 answer
into or in to
I'm not sure if I should be using "into" or "in to" in the following example: The students are trying ...
into 0 votes, asked Aug 12 '14 by Janis Conrad
0 answers
I'd like to know whether it is appropriate to use "in to" or "into"...
I have a sentence I'm writing where I describe making a turn, as I run, into an empty alleyway. Here ...
into in to grammar help 0 votes, asked Jun 26 '14 by Joshua Neumann
1 answer
The preposition "into"
In the phrase "long walk into obscurity" (or similar), is "into" regarded as a preposition? I have heard it described ...
Prepositions into 0 votes, asked Dec 18 '12 by scjessey
1 answer
singular&plural; preposition "into"
May I ask you to help me again, please. I have two questions now. The first one: "Ten per cent ...
into singular plural 0 votes, asked Dec 02 '12 by Lola
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