Questions tagged with infinitives

1 answer
Adjective with an Infinitive
Why can you say, "I am happy to talk with him tomorrow" but not, "I am comfortable to talk with ...
Infinitives 0 votes, asked Jun 10 by Brian Lauri
1 answer
Identifying the usage of infinitive phrases.
I really don't understand how to tell if an infinitvie phrase is being used as a noun, adjective, or adverb. ...
Infinitives +1 vote, asked Mar 29 by Megan
0 answers
Part of speech of an infinitive
What part of speech is "to finish" in the sentence Matthew never starts a job unless he plans to finish ...
Infinitives partsofspeech 0 votes, asked Apr 16 '14 by Brian Maurice
0 answers
"Struggle" + infinitive = transitive?
"Gertrude struggled to lug the bag up the steps." Would you say the infinitive "to lug" is the direct object ...
transitive Infinitives 0 votes, asked Sep 26 '13 by TFeliz
2 answers
Use of Infinitive
Is the use of 'move' as bare infinitive, as a book suggest, correct here? Will you help me move the ...
Infinitives Verbs 0 votes, asked Mar 20 '12 by Rahul Gupta
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