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Is 'it's bad' an independent clause?
In the sentence: "I don't know why you guys wanted to see this so badly. It's bad," is "it's bad" ...
independent independentclause clause dependentclause dependent +2 votes, asked Sep 20 by Brian
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"Now, keep going" Independent Clause help!!
Can someone explain how "Now, keep going" is an independent clause? It has no noun. Any help would be appreciated!!
independent clause grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 22 by Steven Li
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Seemingly incomplete sentences
Dear Grammarly Staff/Community, I'm an English teacher who spends a lot of time preparing high school students for the ACT ...
Clauses independent dependent relative verbless +3 votes, asked Jan 22 by
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Th use of "only" as a conjunction
Hello, When "only" is used as a conjunction, is the clause that it introduces always subordinate (and/or non-restrictive)? For example: ...
Conjunction independent 0 votes, edited Nov 07 '15 by Joseph
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Can non-restrictive clauses be independent?
Here is what I mean: "The film isn't awful, there is no need to close the curtain on the franchise ...
non-restrictive independent punctuation 0 votes, edited Nov 06 '15 by Joseph
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Do rules for punctuating lists trump rules for punctuating independent clauses?
Hello, all. In cases where there is a list of three or more closely related independent clauses, do commas become ...
lists comma independent Clauses 0 votes, edited Oct 28 '15 by Joseph
1 answer
Punctuating with Imperatives
Hello all, Could someone help with this problem I have come across with regards to imperatives and independent clauses? Is ...
commaplacement Clauses Imperative independent +1 vote, asked Oct 23 '15 by Joseph
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Examples where a dependent clause following an independent clause needs a comma.
Hello all, So I've been reading up on the use of clauses and have come across something that I don't ...
commaplacement comma dependent independent Clauses 0 votes, asked Oct 14 '15 by Joseph
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Comma Splice, Independent Clauses, and Connectors
Are the following sentences incorrect or correct? According to the answer guide in the textbook that I'm using they are....I'm ...
independent Clauses semicolons commasplice fanboys 0 votes, asked Sep 01 '15 by Danica
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Dependant clause within appositive.
I usually do not have trouble with grammar, however, I need help with this sentence. This provides students, with, tablets ...
appositive dependant independent clause 0 votes, asked Apr 14 '15 by Austin Mulka
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Compound Clause Comma Rule
When two independent clauses are joined as a compound of a dependent clause, is a comma used? Example: Suzy said ...
comma compound independent 0 votes, asked Dec 13 '14 by Lauren Lindemulder
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Can second clause of two Independent clauses have an implied I?
Hello, Is the second clause in the sentence below an independent clause with an implied "I"? Thanks, Steve I swam ...
Clauses independent comma 0 votes, asked Dec 01 '14 by Steve
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Can "that" as a conjunction introduce an Independent clause?
Hi, Fowler's English Usage says: "'That' is used as a conjunction to introduce a subordinate clause, and a subordinate clause ...
that Conjunction independent clause Subordinate 0 votes, asked Mar 10 '14 by Christopher Renni-Calliope
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