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if + simple past + will
Hi, Is the structure "if + simple past + will" possible? if it is, what does it imply?here is the ...
if conditional 0 votes, asked Aug 15 by
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If conditional sentences
When we use these kind of if sentences.for example:if you didnt click on this file l would be appreciate.
if 0 votes, asked Jul 06 by Mina
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as if and like
First of all, thanks for your answers :) Can I replace 'as if(though)' to 'like' in the following sentence: "They ...
like as if 0 votes, asked Jun 30 by Minhong Yoon
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I made a few sentences in some tenses. Are these sentences correct? 1. Water sea wasn't hot to walk into ...
tenses if conditionals 0 votes, asked Apr 14 by aysel
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Is this sentence asking a question. Also, In writing does "IF" always presents a ? (not if the noun)
In having a conversation with one other party, Is this sentence asking a ? if it is asking a question, ...
if objective law pronoun 0 votes, asked Oct 24 '15 by Edward Dixon
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comma after conjunction and before if subordinate clause
Should I use a comma between "for" and "if" in this sentence?: Finally, I will work to ensure my students ...
comma Subordinate for if Conjunction 0 votes, asked Oct 24 '15 by Marton Lonart
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confusion with these two sentences
Hi: She would make progress in developing her skills or She would make progress if she developed her skills. Can ...
if conditional +1 vote, asked Sep 20 '15 by lola
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confusion with these two sentences
Hi: She would make progress in developing her skills or She would make progress if she developed her skills. Can ...
if conditionals 0 votes, asked Jul 30 '15 by lola
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grammar "if that for"
In my foriegn friend's interview, he said "if that for the guy in orange shorts, I only had about thirty ...
grammar if if-conditional 0 votes, asked Jul 11 '15 by mandy
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Sentence problem
Hi! Some time ago I saw a comment on one page which was gramatically a bit weird for me (I'm ...
Sentence if will question inversion +2 votes, asked Jun 01 '15 by Dawid
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reply of question using "IF"
If someone says " If you really want to play football then i will come to your home" Second person ...
if question 0 votes, asked May 10 '15 by elyaas
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Is this sentence correct??
Waste can be considered as human's gift to the nature which if is managed properly and favorably, it not only ...
if 0 votes, asked Dec 28 '14 by Narges
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Can I use "Unless" with two positives?
I have been taught that "Unless" connects a positive and a negative, while "If" connects two positives or two negatives. ...
unless if 0 votes, asked Nov 18 '14 by td
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"If I were you,"
Is it: If I were you and I was interupted like that, I would say something about it. or If ...
if-conditional if were was-were 0 votes, asked Aug 17 '14 by Kat night
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Is this sentence correct: 'It will be suitable for me if the new contract would be signed by the beginning ...
if 0 votes, asked May 09 '14 by zsonody
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I wish/ I wished if
Question.......'Could you please help me?' Can the answers be: 1- I wish if I was able to help you. if ...
wish if Wished 0 votes, asked Jan 24 '14 by Samar Babkair
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Is this conditional sentence grammatical?
"If your friends are seriously inclined to come over to my house, my friends would be willing to provide the ...
conditionals if -1 votes, asked Sep 23 '13 by Heather
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Whether or if? Anyone?
Hey, it's me again! Just thought of another question that keeps happening when I try to write, whether or if. ...
whether if or eslfail confused 0 votes, asked Aug 09 '13 by Hans-Peter Hoffschmidt
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"or if not" and "if yes" punctuation
Hi, I am not sure if I have correctly put the punctuation in the following sentences: "Do you happen to ...
punctuation sentences or if 0 votes, asked Mar 15 '13 by Astra
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Usage of if in a question
Thank you Rahul and Shawn for your answers! I apologied for not stating my question more clearly: for formal (not ...
if +1 vote, asked Dec 20 '12 by williamw
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Usage of if in a question
In writing a question, can I say "If they need your help, will you help them?"
if 0 votes, asked Dec 14 '12 by williamw
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Check if this sentence is correct and if not plz tell me the correction.
If all of you don't know him... Is this sentence correct?
Sentence grammar if Structure -2 votes, asked Nov 08 '12 by user22
1 answer
i rephrased it. if i was tactless yesterday, well i'm sorry if i were you, i'll do the same thing. ...
if 0 votes, asked Jun 07 '12 by MarcVillagracia
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IF + was/were, will,can/would could. When will it be right???
i've been confused about it -.-
if 0 votes, asked Jun 06 '12 by MarcVillagracia
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